At 26 Sarah Jakes has been a teen mom, twice married, once divorced and raises five children

Sarah Jakes has seen and done a lot in her young life. Among other things she’s divorced NFL’s Robert Henson, but has since remarried and seems now happier than ever. Divorce finalized in 2012

Some people live more in 25 years than others do in 75. And despite being the daughter of a preacher, Sarah Jakes’ life was rather unconventional for a while.

Sarah Jakes and Robert Henson wedding

She became pregnant at 13 and though her parents were devastated, they also supported her and helped her through the trials and tribulations of being a teenage mother. At 19 she married NFL linebacker Robert Henson.

Sarah most certainly has a strong faith and although she didn’t adhere to everything that is preached and clearly didn’t keep herself virginal for marriage, she wouldn’t have entered a marriage light-heartedly. She doesn’t come across as that kind of person.

It was a big ceremony attended by a few celebrities as well, not a spur of the moment thing.

Pastor Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes pout

Robert and Sarah had a daughter together, but in 2012 the marriage fell apart. Sarah confessed that she had tried and done everything to be a good mother and wife and that the step wasn’t taken lightly. But after the couple had explored all avenues of a life and a future together, they had decided to part ways.

Needless to say that there was a rather delicate reason for that. At the time she only said that there had been ‘multiple infractions’ and that there were biblical grounds for the divorce.

Well, it turned out Robert had cheated on Sarah and got someone pregnant.

Whilst polygamy certainly occurs in the bible, it clearly wasn’t what Sarah had signed up for and the two had a divorce.

Sarah Jakes and Pastor Toure Roberts sporting hats

As a Christian girl of strong faith and values that wasn’t her happy ending and she admitted that she was a mess. But she also found that it helped her come closer to God and though fallible as a human being, she hoped to still inspire others with her story. Ultimately she turned her blog writing about her experiences into a book.

And in 2014 she found love again. In Pastor Touré Roberts. They were engaged within six months of their first date and married in November 2014 in a small circle with their combined five children in attendance (Roberts brought three kids from a previous marriage with him).

Whilst Sarah speaks much of God and her faith and how He has been guiding her and all that, she is quite mature in her approach to life, marriage and motherhood and not many 26-year olds can claim that.

With her husband also being a man of God, there’s hope that these two will stay faithful to each other. They certainly seem to be a match made in heaven, if we may say so.


Sarah Jakes and Pastor Toure Roberts look great together