Is Ryan Reynolds getting divorced again?

Trust issues and conflicts over having children could pull the Hollywood couple apart; however all that exist for the moment are rumors.

Ryan Reynolds at an Award CeremonyThe internet is rife with rumors that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are on the verge of getting a divorce even though they have only been married for a little less than two years. Moreover, both Hollywood actors have remained very tight-lipped about their alleged marital troubles making it very difficult to assess the credibility of these proliferating rumours.

A fair number of tabloids have claimed that the couple’s marriage has been going through a rough patch from last year itself. According to Star magazine, Reynolds and Lively have been unable to see eye to eye on having children since June. While the Green Lantern star has been eager to have children, start a family and settle down, his wife clearly does not share his enthusiasm. According to the magazine, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, seemed more focused on her acting career than starting a family with her hubby. Sources close to the two actors claim the couple’s divergent priorities are attributable to their 11 year age difference; Ryan is 37 years old while Blake is only 26.

In addition to their disagreements about starting a family,  rumors about Blake’s jealousy and insecurity started surfacing in February last year when she admitted to tabloid reporters that her husband’s casting in Mississippi Grind with co-star Sienna Miller made her uncomfortable. Insiders commented that Blake suspects her husband will end up cheating on her with Miller, the G.I. Joe star often labeled by tabloids as an ‘admitted cheater’ for having an affair with Daniel Craig while in a relationship with her then partner Jude Law.

In all fairness, Reynolds and Miller have been spending a fair bit of time filming together in Louisiana and it’s not very far-fetched to presume that the two may have grown somewhat close. Interestingly, Reynolds and Lively themselves fell in love on the sets of Green Lantern while he was still married to his then wife, Scarlett Johansson, who recently played the character Black Widow in the Avengers. Reynolds is clearly no stranger to failed relationships and unhappy marriages. Even though he has since maintained amicable relations with his ex-wife Scarlett, their divorce was bitter and painful.

Obviously, many of these rumors must be taken with a pinch of salt since they’re supported by no concrete evidence at the moment. Nonetheless, they could still have a grain of truth in them. Much like his insecure partner, Reynolds too has started acting increasingly possessive. In fact, he’s even started following Blake to her shoots and has expressed his concern about her friendship with co-star, Michiel Huisman, a Dutch television and film actor. It’s evident that their marriage isn’t going well even if they aren’t headed for an imminent divorce.

Ryan with his ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson                   Ryan and Blake enjoying a walk together in the streets of London     Ryan Reynolds with his wife, Blake Lively at the screening of Green Lantern