Mandy Moore divorced Ryan Adams after eight years together – what went wrong?

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams dated quietly, married quietly and now have divorced quietly. What happened to the couple during their 6-year marriage?

Divorce finalized in June 2016

The couple began dating in 2008 and had reportedly an on/off relationship, meaning they were dating, but it took them a while to commit to each other. By early 2009 that problem seems to have evaporated, because the Mandy and Ryan got engaged and were married by March that same year.

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams dayout

It’s hard to say how happy the two were together, but they did manage to stay married for nearly six years. They rarely showed up at events together, but when they were seen out and about in one form or another, they seemed happy enough.

Ryan is known to be a profound introvert, who prefers to keep his private life private and probably likes to stay at home when he doesn’t need to be anywhere among people. Mandy, on the other hand, is known to be more outgoing and open, which makes for a bit of a clash of personalities.

Relationships between introverts and extroverts can work quite well, if both have an understanding for the other person’s needs. But if the two are more intent on going their own way and are not willing to compromise for their partner, the relationship is unlikely to work out.

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams stroll with pet

In January 2015 Mandy and Ryan made a joint statement announcing their divorce. They professed their respect for one another and called it an amicable parting.

Mandy filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and asked for spousal support. Some outlets took that to insinuate a less than amicable split, but there was never much of an indication that Mandy and Ryan were truly fighting. Mandy justified her request for spousal support with the fact that Ryan made significantly more money than she did.

Interestingly those close to the couple weren’t surprised by the split. Apparently Ryan listed the separation as August 2014. Given how private the couple kept their lives, it can hardly be surprising that the outside world didn’t catch onto the split until the divorce was filed.

It took the estranged spouses a surprisingly long time to come to a divorce agreement. The settlement was only sorted a few days ago. Again, some might take that as a sign that it was a less than amicable divorce, but since neither Mandy nor Ryan have publicly spoken about their divorce, we can only guess.

The two seem to have split their assets fairly evenly. Mandy received a condo and a car, Ryan received two cars and a comic book and pinball machine collections as well as several accounts. In addition Ryan is paying Mandy $425,000 to make up for any differences. Neither of them is getting spousal support and both of them keep the rights to their own music.

And that’s the end of that marriage.

Ryan is said to be dating model Megan Butterworth, whilst Mandy has been linked to singer Taylor Goldsmith.


Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams enjoy a dayout

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams look stunning together

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams look insecure

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