Is Ciara the reason Russell Wilson’s marriage to Ashton Meem failed?

Russell Wilson may have married his high school sweetheart Ashton Meem, but he also divorced her. He now believes that being with Ciara was God’s plan. So was the divorce as well? Divorce finalized around October 2014

Russell Wilson met his ex-wife Ashton Meem at high school and they began dating in 2006. She changed colleges three times to be with him and they were ultimately married after a six-year relationship in 2012.

Ahston Meem and Russell Wilson say cheese

Russell is a devout catholic and no doubt doesn’t take marriage lightly. He and Ashton were engaged for two years before going down the aisle, so it came as a massive surprise to everyone when Russell took the unprecedented step of announcing his upcoming divorce via the Seahawks.

Up until two months prior to this announcement in April 2014, Russell and Ashton were by all appearances happy. Ashton had even talked about their future after Russell would retire from the NFL, which is still a long way off.

In addition to that Russell has a squeaky clean image. He’s young, attractive, of rather strong faith and scandal-free. Some feared that the divorce might impact his marketability , but others said that he might become more attractive as a single.

Of course there were plenty of rumours as to why the couple divorced. There were cheating rumours, which seemed rather unlikely, especially on his part. And there were nastier rumours that alluded to his upcoming Seahawks contract and the millions he stood to make from it.

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But all those rumours don’t agree with Russell’s image and there’s no proof for any of them.

The one story everyone picked up and ran with where cheating allegations against Ashton with former teammate, Golden Tate. Whilst this could have been brushed off as another unfounded rumour, Golden elected to speak up on the issue, vehemently denying it and citing Ashton’s lasting friendship with his own girlfriend as proof.

Neither Ashton nor Russell ever spoke on the matter in particular, but neither ever went on record about the divorce at all either. Russell preferred to keep the matter private and Ashton did the same. It’s not even clear when the divorce was finalized, but presumably six months after it was filed, which is the required minimum amount of time and divorces usually only take longer if the ex-partners fight.

Now, a year on, Russell is dating Grammy winner Ciara and the two have been the very picture of happiness since they first stepped out together.

Ciara-Russell Wilson's current girlfriend

The two continuously gush about each other in interviews and support just about anything the other says. Russell has gone so far as to claim that his relationship with Ciara was God’s plan (perhaps all along?) and that he had apparently even told friends that he would be with the singer before the two had ever met.

If that is indeed the case, he’s definitely rather clairvoyant, because the two are going strong. They vowed to remain celibate until their wedding, though they are not even engaged as far as anyone knows.

Russell has been very open about the celibacy and the fact the God told him that he wants Russell to lead Ciara. The singer has thus far been going along and seems to be quite happy with her quarterback, confirming that they have similar views on just about everything.

If it was God’s plan for these two lovebirds to be together, then it must have been His plan for Russell to divorce his ex-wife as well. Neither is likely going to give a statement on the matter and so this is as good a guess as to what ended the marriage as any of the others.

We shall see how God’s plans continue to unfold and whether or not Russell and Ciara will get married and finally consummate their relationship.


Ahston Meem and Russell Wilson snapped at an event

Russell Wilson & Ciara snapped at an event

Russell Wilson & Ciara arrive for the State Dinner

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