How a ‘momentary indiscretion’ ended in divorce for Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

The personal fall-out for Rupert Sanders’ from his tryst with Kirsten Stewart was almost a footnote. But it ended in his divorce from Liberty Ross and cost him millions. Divorce finalized July 2014

When photos emerged in July 2012 showing Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart in various places around L.A. kissing, embracing and displaying rather a lot of PDA, all hell broke loose. 

Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders not looking happy togetherIt was Kristen Stewart who bore the brunt of the attacks and her cheating on Robert Pattinson was all over the Internet. An apparently heartbroken Rob Pattinsons lunked away into hiding and Kristen was forced to issue a public apology to him.

It was called a momentary indiscretion, a severe lapse of judgement, and a fleeting moment rather than a full-fledged affair. Eventually Kristen and Robert reconciled, at least for a time. They have been separated for good since May 2013.

What many people overlooked and more or less forgot was that Rupert Sanders was as much of a culprit here as Kristen Stewart, and worse. He was the one married with children, and, at nearly twenty years older than Kristen, should have known so much better.

He also issued an apology to his family, which, in hindsight, seemed more like lip service than an actually sincere declaration, especially when he said that he loved his family with all his heart. Nobody who loves his family would do what he had done.

Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders family outing

If you have seen the images of him and Kristen, you know that those two knew they were being photographed. How could they not? Kristen has been hounded by paparazzi since she first broke out on the Twilight Saga. It wasn’t her first role in a Hollywood movie, but it was her breakthrough. And when her onscreen love story transferred to real life, Hollywood gossip magazines went nuts over her and Robert Pattinson.

Even now, years after the fact, she is still constantly trailed by photographers. It would have been unimaginably stupid of her and Rupert to assume that they had any degree of privacy on their little outing.

The main victim of this affair and the subsequent fall-out was, of course, Rupert Sanders’ family. His wife was hit the hardest by his indiscretions. He had pursued her since she was just 18 years old and eventually succeeded in dating and then marrying her in 2002. The two have two young children.

Liberty said that she had been nothing but a good mother and wife and that she had done everything for her husband and their marriage. His actions were a true betrayal to her. And whilst Rupert had hoped to work things out with her, the marriage was irretrievably broken and Liberty ended up filing for divorce.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders cozying

She later said that she didn’t regret their 16 years together and was especially proud of the children they created together, but after what had happened she had nothing left to give. And who could blame her?

In her divorce filings she asked for spousal support and joint custody. When the divorce was finalized in July 2014, she received a lot more than that. She received their family home and two houses in London, spousal support for the next four years as well as child support. She’s also getting 15% of all future projects Rupert will be working on (Snow White is the exception, she receives 50% here) as well as half of his bank account money and his retirement funds.

Rupert was allowed to keep a Malibu Beach house and a 1970 VW van. Suffice to say that his affair cost him just about everything.

Kristen Stewart getting embraced by Rupert Sanders

Early in 2014 reports emerged claiming that Rupert Sanders was still in love with Kristen Stewart and was hoping for a future with her. On the other hand it was said that Kristen was well and truly over Rupert. It is unclear how much truth is in these reports, because no more was heard of it since and they were based on claims made by “sources”. It gives Rupert Sanders somewhat of a creepy air, however, if not a desperate one.

Liberty Ross is currently dating Jimmy Lovine and has bounced back rather nicely after the whole drama. She’s getting back into her modelling career and seems to be happy with her new partner.

Rupert Sanders doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at this time. He’s probably licking his wounds somewhere.

Robert Pattinson has been linked to Brit singer FKA Twigs lately and Kristen Stewart is currently only close to Alicia Cargill, whom, some say, she is actually dating.


Rupert Sanders & Kristen Stewart snapped togetherKristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders hangout together Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders day out


Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross look glamorous

Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders at an event with their kids