Michelle Rounds and Rosie O’Donnell finalize divorce after 8 drama-filled months

They were married a little over two years before their relationship fell apart. Now the divorce of Michelle Rounds from Rosie O’Donnell was finalized, but not after some drama in the past months.

Divorce settled on the 21st October 2015

Rosie and Michelle began dating in 2011 and married in a small ceremony in 2012. It was Rosie’s second time to get married, but her first marriage from 2004 to Kelli Carpenter was annulled along with many, many other same-sex marriages at the same time.

Rosie O’Donnell & Michelle Rounds bike ride

At least for some time Rosie’s and Michelle’s relationship must have been a happy one, because they adopted daughter Dakota together. But it’s difficult to gauge how well Michelle got along with Rosie’s other children. The two have apparently a very different parenting style.

In November 2014 the relationship was irretrievably broken, which is what Rosie cited when filing for divorce in February 2015.

In an interview with ET Online Michelle said that their different styles of parenting greatly contributed to the split, but besides that she also couldn’t stand living in a hostile environment any longer. She didn’t elaborate on what that entailed, but she was living with four teenagers in the house and in particular Chelsea, one of Rosie’s daughters with Kelli Carpenter, has been problematic, which the girl has even made it into the news for.

Rosie O’Donnell & Michelle Rounds times together

Michelle said she was happier away from the O’Donnell household, but she also decided to pursue sole custody for her daughter Dakota and that’s when things turned sour.

Wanting what’s best for the child meant that the girl should in a stable, more regulated environment without 24/7 nannies and more attention from a hands-on parent.

Apparently their daughter didn’t get that with Rosie. That’s what Michelle said anyway and she seemed to have her head screwed on right during the interview.

The next few months were stressful for everyone involved, which is evidenced by Rosie snapping at reporters during one of the court sessions regarding their divorce. Ultimately all talks during that session were held away from the public eye and both parties were apparently warned not to publicly dish about the proceedings.

Sophie B. Hawkins-Rosie O’Donnell's rumored girlfriend

In the meantime the bizarre rumour spread that Rosie had a new girlfriend in Sophie B. Hawkins, who was pregnant at the time. Sophie later categorically denied being with Rosie or anyone else and said that she and Rosie have been friends for many years and that’s that. Rosie’s rep said something very similar.

In September then tragedy struck when Michelle was hospitalized. Some allege that she had accidentally overdosed on medication, whereas TMZ reported that she had threatened to commit suicide, which Rosie apparently found out about. She then is not only said to have been on the phone to Michelle to keep her talking, but had also called 911 to get her ex into the hospital.

Another story simply says that Michelle had had a bad reaction to medication, which she had mixed with wine. Given that Michelle was released the next day, an attempted suicide or even accidental overdose seem highly unlikely, because usually such cases are not only kept under observation but also referred for a psych evaluation. Clearly that was not the case here.

The reason cited for this alleged suicide attempt was the fact that Rosie had apparently received full custody of Dakota. It’s unclear when that is supposed to have happened, because the actual divorce settlement looks somewhat different.

A month after the incident the divorce was finalized. And all of a sudden all amicably. It’s been published that the settlement states that the exes now share full legal custody of Dakota. Physical custody likely remains with Rosie, but Michelle has since been seen with the girl, so she definitely has visitation rights if not more.

We don’t know if their prenup was honoured or not (Michelle had said she would walk away from it for the custody of Dakota), but Rosie at least said that she was happy and everyone else was happy with the settlement as well.

In the meantime Rosie is rumoured to be dating Tatum O’Neal, but thus far this rumour has been denied.

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