Rose McGowan’s divorce is less surprising than that she was married at all

Rose McGowan has been engaged twice before she was married in 2013. Less than three years later she filed for divorce from estranged husband Davey Detail.

Once upon a time Rose McGowan was engaged to shock rocker Marilyn Manson. She was the beauty, he was the beast. At least, that’s what it looked like to the world. The two were engaged for two years before calling it quits.

Rose McGowan with first boyfriend Marilyn Manson

Speaking about her famous ex-relationship, Rose said last year that different lifestyles were to blame for the breakup. She also insinuated that cocaine use played a role, though it wasn’t entirely clear if it was Manson using or if it had been her. Somewhat evasively she pleaded the Fourth (though it should’ve been the Fifth).

But the past is the past and that wasn’t her only failed engagement. Rose was also engaged to director Robert Rodriguez. Again the engagement lasted about two years before the couple called things off. We don’t know what and who might have been blamed in this instance.

Robert Rodriguez-Rose McGowan's second boyfriend

Nowadays it seems difficult to imagine that Rose McGowan ever married at all, but she did. It was artist Davey Detail who dragged her down the aisle and got the ‘I do’ from her. That was in October 2013. At the time they had been together for two years, during one of which they were already engaged.

The wedding was apparently ethereal and whilst the couple was married, they were often photographed looking happy and in love. But when Rose filed for divorce in February, she listed the 1st of May 2015 as the day of separation. That means the couple had been separated for nine months before filing. Whilst Rose had been seen without her wedding ring on multiple occasions last year, nobody seemed to worry much about the status of her marriage. Needless to say, though, that once the separation became widely known, everyone went back to all those times that she had been seen without a ring on her finger.

And now we know why she didn’t wear her wedding band.

Rose McGowan with third husband Davey Detail

When she filed for divorce she requested that spousal support should be denied. Documents have also been cited as showing that there will be a ‘stipulated judgement’, which indicates that the exes have already reached a settlement agreement. Rose and Davey seem to keep things amicable as there has been no evidence of any fighting whatsoever.

It’s interesting to note that Rose may have been the first one to be surprised to be married and maybe not so surprised to get a divorce. A few weeks after her wedding she was asked how things were going. She responded with ‘Well, I’m not divorced yet.’

Rose McGowan and Davey Detail awesomeness

Rose is nothing if not a free spirit. At some point in her career she came to the realisation that Hollywood was no longer for her. The stories had become repetitive and boring; there was no challenge to her as an actor anymore. Not to mention that she has repeatedly called out the rampant sexism in the industry.

Rose has become an outspoken activist, feminist and someone who likes to challenge the status quo at every turn. She freely admits that she hasn’t always been like that. She allowed Hollywood to twist and turn her and complied with too many things that she is no longer willing to put up with.

Perhaps marriage was one of those things. Some argue that it is an outdated construct imposed by the patriarchy to keep control of women. Marriage shouldn’t be politicized. It should, ultimately, always be about love and nobody has the right to question who wants to get married to whom and for what reasons. If it doesn’t work out, the two parties will get a divorce. It sounds simple enough, but more often than not it’s horribly complicated.

Rose McGowan may never get married again. She much rather rails against the establishment, which is good for her. But maybe she’ll find a partner in crime without having to put a ring on it or stick a label on it.


Rose McGowan and Marilyn Manson look scary

Rose McGowan and Davey Detail snapped at a red carpet event

Rose McGowan and Davey Detail look hot

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