Yvonne Connolly and Ronan Keating both moved on long before their divorce four years after their split

Yvonne Connolly and Ronan Keating were divorced after 17 years of marriage, but only 11 years of those can be considered successful before Ronan cheated on his now ex-wife. Divorce finalized March 2015

Ronan Keating and Yvonne Connolly married in 1998 after a short, but intense romance. They were both in their early twenties at the time and their first child and only son was born in 1999. Ronan was still a part of Boyzone at the time, before he became successful as a solo artist.

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He and Yvonne had two more children in the next few years, both girls. Long after they split and in the wake of their divorce we learned that Yvonne felt that she lost herself during those years. After having son Jack she decided to stop working and focussed on child rearing. That became even more of a focus once the girls were born. She had taken Ronan’s surname and thought their marriage would last forever.

Only after the split she managed to rediscover herself and found that she regretted having stopped working. She should have kept at it and there had been enough offers at the time. But hindsight is always 20/20 and the kids were never off worse for having their mother around.

At the same time Ronan felt pressured to be the perfect husband. Something that he also only revealed after the split from his wife. It doesn’t seem to have been a case of Yvonne expecting him to be perfect, however. It sounded more as if he put that pressure on himself and ultimately found that it wasn’t what he wanted.


Given how young they were when they married and that they seemed to have developed in different directions, the ultimate demise of their marriage may not be surprising, but the blame sits squarely with Ronan. In 2009 he embarked on an affair with a background dancer whilst on tour for several months.

The affair came out in 2010 and Yvonne left Ronan. Later they reconciled, but by then end of 2011 the two were history. Ronan’s infidelity had destroyed their relationship beyond repair.

Both said that they chose to be honest with their children about what had transpired. They would have learned the truth at some point anyway. Yvonne went on Storm Uechtritz-Ronan Keating's current girlfriendto say that she now shares a very close bond with her kids.

We don’t know when the couple filed for divorce, but we do know that it was only finalized in March 2015, nearly four years after the split. We also don’t know the settlement details. But the two have never turned their divorce into a messy affair, most likely for the sake of their children. Ronan said that he still loved Yvonne and both know that they will forever be in each other’s lives because of their children. Their relationship seems amicable these days.


We can guess that Ronan is paying his ex-wife maintenance and child-support. Whilst they both have shared legal custody, the children seem to be mostly living with Yvonne.

In 2012 Ronan started dating Storm Uechtritz after meeting her on the Australian X-Factor, where Storm was a producer and he was a judge. The two married in August 2015 and Ronan’s three children all played a part during the ceremony, suggesting that everyone was getting along just fine.

Yvonne meanwhile moved on with cameraman John Conroy, who has six kids with his ex-wife. Apparently the two are very much in love and somehow manage to juggle their relationship between their Brady Bunch-sized family and their respective careers.

Given that the marriage ended in a lot of hurt, Ronan and Yvonne have not only managed to move on successfully, but also kept a friendly relationship not just for the benefit of their children. All things considered this could have turned out a lot worse.

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