Christian Evans isn’t Ricki Lake’s soulmate after all – Divorced after less than three years of marriage

Ricki Lake should have kept her vow never to get married again after Rick Sussman. But Christian Evans swept her off her feet in 2009, just for it all to come crumbling down in 2014.

Divorce finalized in April 2014

Before Ricki Lake met Christian Evans she’d lost all faith in ever finding love again. But then this normal guy, a jewellery designer, comes along and destroys all her preconceived ideas. The two started dating and in 2011 Christian proposed, leaving Ricki with no doubt what the answer should be.

Christian Evans & Ricki Lake relax

They eloped in 2012 and had a beach wedding with their dogs as witnesses. How romantic.

Ricki gushed about her husband on several occasions, proclaiming just how happy he made her and that she had found her soulmate against all odds. She also said that in her bliss she never even considered that she had promised herself not to get married again.

But wedded bliss didn’t last and without prior indication that anything might be wrong, Ricki filed for divorce in October last year. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason and agreed to pay him spousal support. Needless to say that Christian wasn’t making a lot of money.

Whilst it’s not clear what troubles the pair may have had prior to the filing, it’s been said that the deciding factor for Ricki to file was a trip Christian made to Ibiza by himself and his failure to even call her for her birthday. Clearly things were already falling apart.

Ricki Lake and Christian Evans blush

Things very quickly turned nasty when Christian claimed that he had been defrauded into signing a prenup. He wanted it invalidated by the court, which becomes more and more common but hardly ever actually yields successful results. Especially when the claimant can’t actually specify what kind of fraud took place.

Ricki reportedly kicked Christian out of their home, which forced him to first live in his car with their dog that apparently also needed medical attention, and then resulted in him living in a homeless shelter begging Ricki for money.

Apparently Christian had neither his own income nor any funds to live on in the meantime, otherwise there’s no explanation for this part of the story.

Surprisingly in December it was reported that the two had reconciled. None of the sources questioned about this particular development seemed to be happy about it and everyone thought Ricki was not only making a mistake, but that she deserved better.

Ricki Lake and Christian Evans look simply stunning

Only last month the news emerged that Ricki had divorced Christian after all, all the way back in April! Talking about developments.

It’s safe to say that Christian received the agreed upon $125,000 that were detailed in the prenup. He had hoped for two or three times that amount, but it’s doubtful that he received any more than that and perhaps monthly alimony for the next few years.

The details are not available, however, so this is a guess at best.

Given how quickly things turned sour, a cynic would consider the possibility that it was never going to last anyway and that there’s a chance that Christian was a gold digger. He certainly proved to be quite the jerk after the split and hardly the soulmate that Ricki believed him to be.

Whilst she is certainly better off without him, the whole situation has taken its toll on Ricki, because she gained an unhealthy 50lbs in the aftermath. Hopefully she’ll be able to find a healthy balance in her life again and can look after herself. She does have two sons to lean on as well.


Ricki Lake and Christian Evans look serious

Ricki Lake and Christian Evans say cheese

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Ricki Lake and Christian Evans snapped at an event

Christian Evans & Ricki Lake hand in hand

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