Richard Marx declares that his divorce from Cynthia Rhodes is nobody’s business but theirs

After a 25-year marriage Richard Marx and Cynthia Rhodes go separate ways. We will likely never know what led to the split.

At about seven years his senior, Cynthia Rhodes decided that Richard Marx was much too young for her to date when she met him in 1983. She would have been 26 and he still only 19. Richard was commissioned to write a song for the movie Staying Alive, in which Cynthia starred opposite John Travolta.


It took another two years for them to meet again and it was then that Richard decided to really go after Cynthia. Instead of dating him herself, however, Cynthia tried setting Richard up with her girlfriends, but he later said that he would only talk about Cynthia to them. Finally she relented and the two began dating. That was in 1985.

Three years later, after Richard had debuted his first album very successfully and Cynthia had starred as Penny Johnson in Dirty Dancing the previous year, the two seemed to just be taking off in their respective careers and Richard thought about marrying Cynthia.

For her part Cynthia may have been jealous of his gazillion female fans, but Richard really only had eyes for her. A year later, in 1989, the two were married. Soon pregnant, Cynthia decided to retire from her career to simply become a full-time mom.  It would seem she only wanted one job in her life and give it 100%. That job turned out to be motherhood.


The couple ended up having three sons together.

Richard said that Cynthia never regretted her choice, even though she retired at what can now be considered the height of her career. She was beautiful and a very talented dancer and would no doubt have moved on to star in more movies that would have made use of her talents. But instead she wanted to be the best mother she could possibly be.

Perhaps with dad Richard having such a busy music career, often on tour and thus away from home, she wanted to provide her sons with as much stability as possible. That would have been difficult to maintain had she continued her own career in the film industry.

Since none of the three boys have ever made any negative press, it seems she’s done a good job. Children of musicians and/or actors have been known to attract trouble more easily. But in all likelihood Cynthia grounded the boys and it certainly would have helped that Richard Marx leads a fairly tame life as a musician – as far as anyone knows anyway.


In a 2012 interview Richard gushed about his remarkable wife and how lucky and blessed he has been with her, but in April 2014 it became public knowledge that the two were about to divorce and had, in fact, been separated since July 2013. Richard, who once wrote “Right here waiting” for Cynthia, was apparently no longer waiting for her. Or perhaps it was the other way around.

Richard said that he will never delve into the reasons for their divorce. It was nobody’s business but their own and he has nothing but love and respect for Cynthia, whom he called an amazing person. He didn’t deny that it had been a painful time and recently their shared home of 17 years has been put on the market, which can’t have been easy.

He has been married to Cynthia for half his life and still seems to care for her, so of course it was painful. There is no doubt that these two will forever be in each other’s lives, but their story together is over now and it’s time to open a new chapter.

Thankfully their sons are all adults now, which means they can gain a better understanding of their parents’ split and there is no custody to be considered. The divorce has yet to be finalized and the obvious concerns are financial ones here.


Judging by his words about his ex-wife, one would assume that Richard Marx will see to it that Cynthia is financially settled. She has given up her career, after all, and has no income of her own.

Whilst there is obviously nothing known of Cynthia’s love life moving on from their marriage, Richard is reportedly gettingrather cosy with Daisy Fuentes, who co-wrote and starred in the music video of “Beautiful Goodbye”. They celebrated her recent 48th birthday together and have been seen frequently in each other’s company.

We do know that Richard goes after the woman he wants, if that happens to be Daisy, then he’ll make his intentions and feelings known soon enough.