How much will his divorce from Carey Lowell cost Richard Gere?

After being together for 18 years, 11 of those married, Richard Gere and Carey Lowell are in the middle of their divorce. Whilst nothing has been settled yet, it could become expensive.

Richard Gere famously married the then 22-year old up-and-coming super model Cindy Crawford. He was 37 at the time. The couple only lasted four years and Cindy Crawford surprisingly spoke out about the divorce recently in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Cindy Crawfor-Richard Gere's first wife

She mainly blamed their age difference for the failure of their marriage. That is hardly surprising, because men in their late thirties usually have very little in common with women in their early twenties.

They divorced in 1995, which was also the year Richard Gere met Carey Lowell. Gere later said that it felt as if they had been married right from the beginning. But they didn’t actually get married until 2002, after Carey had given birth to their only child Homer.

And they were a happy couple. Whenever they appeared together in public, both just beamed and it never appeared as if there was trouble in paradise. These two comprised one of the stable long-term relationships in Hollywood. But whilst Richard Gere continued on his successful Hollywood career, Carey’s film career ended, with the exception of a few TV roles here and there.

In 2013 it became clear that there was trouble in paradise. Gere and Lowell had last been seen together at the Golden Globes and towards the end of the year it was reported that the pair had been living apart for some time now.

Carey Lowell & Richard Gere at a red carpet event

The most cited reason for the split was a preference for different lifestyles. Whilst Gere likes his solitude and quiet time when he is not working, Lowell apparently likes to socialize and be out and about with friends and acquaintances. Needless to say that neither of them has publicly spoken about their separation or the divorce.

Richard Gere did allude to the fact, however, that the divorce has helped his performance in his latest movie, because the emotions of going through it were right at the surface. Apparently it was something he could draw on for his character.

It was Lowell who filed for divorce in June 2014. Rumor has it she had hoped for reconciliation, but that clearly didn’t happen and earlier this year Richard Gere quietly dated Padma Lakshmi, though they are no longer together now.

Sadly this is Carey Lowell’s third divorce and it does not currently look as if it will be entirely amicable. In a recent hearing the pair didn’t have anything to say to each other and it has now emerged that the divorce could become expensive for Richard Gere.

Carey Lowell & Richard Gere day out with son Homer

Whilst no official claims have been made by Lowell, she may very well go in for half of Gere’s assets (valued at over $250 million). Given that she all but gave up her career and became a stay-at-home mother to their son without much of an income or a career herself, she appears to have a pretty solid case.

The relationship seems to be rather icy at the moment and only revolves around their son. Whilst they certainly have Homer’s best interest in mind, it cannot be easy for the boy to have a happy relationship with his parents at this time, when the two are hardly on speaking terms.

Let’s hope that they will be able to get over their resentment and work it out before things get out of hand or entirely too ugly. You can’t wash 18 years together down the drain and they seemed to have been happy for most of that time.

No doubt we’ll soon learn how things will develop between the exes.


Richard Gere and Carey Lowell pose for a photoshootRichard Gere with his first wife Cindy Crawfor

Carey Lowell & Richard Gere pose for a photoshootCarey Lowell and Richard Gere share a laugh

Carey Lowell & Richard Gere at the 64th Venice Film Festival