From a secret marriage to Raquel del Rosario, Fernando Alonso went to quietly divorcing her

Fiercely protective of his private life, Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso married Raquel del Rosario in secret and, after announcing their separation, divorced just as quietly.

The couple met on stage. Fernando had invited Raquel to perform at an event to celebrate his first Formula 1 title and afterwards told her very publicly that he was single. It would appear that Raquel fell for him and the two started dating soon after.

Raquel del Rosario & Fernando Alonso dine out

They married in November 2006, but didn’t actually confirm the marriage until two years later. Nobody doubted that they were a couple, but aside from family and friends nobody knew that they had married.

Clearly everyone who did know also knew how to protect a secret. The couple apparently preferred to keep their relationship under the radar. Given their different lifestyles as race car driver and singer, it was just as well that they protected what little time they had together.

It came as a shock when they announced their separation and intention to divorce in December 2011, only five years into their marriage. They declared that they would never separate as friends, however.

Raquel del Rosario & Fernando Alonso day out

The separation was a mutual decision and it seemed that they arrived at the decision after careful consideration. It is unlikely that they just fell out of love. If that had been the case, they may not have wanted to preserve their friendship. The divorce seems to have been entirely amicable.

It appears to be more a case of irreconcilable lifestyles. The couple moved countries several times in their six-year relationship, but never lived in their native Spain together. Raquel always moved because of Fernando, not the other way around. Perhaps that took a toll on their relationship. But it is hard to make guesses, because Fernando and Raquel kept their marriage such a private affair. That in itself is commendable, but it means that the real reasons behind their split cannot be gauged by outsiders.

Be that as it may, eventually they did divorce. Details about the when and how are unknown. It is most likely that the divorce was quietly finalized at some time in the first half of 2012. It must have been amicable; otherwise we would have heard about it.

Dasha Kapustina Fernando Alonso's dating partner

In the meantime Fernando moved on and began dating Russian model DashaKapustina. They have been together for two years, but lately it has been rumored, that he is now dating Lara Alvarez. In true fashion this has yet to be confirmed.

Raquel has quite clearly moved on as well. She started dating photographer and film maker Pedro Castro in 2013 and married him in 2014. They have one son together, which is more than can be said of her and Fernando.

In the end it only matters that everyone is happy again, even though they had to go through a divorce, which is never a pleasant experience, no matter how amicable.


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