Samantha and Randy Orton divorce and are just one of many other WWE couples to do the same

Whilst Samantha and Randy Orton separated in 2012, the divorce came for many unexpected. Do WWE wrestlers have a shot at married life at all? Divorce settled in June 2013

We’ve previously written about John Cena’s divorce, which was somewhat contentious at first, but was then quickly settled. Samantha and Randy Orton seemed to settle their divorce much more amicably instead.

Samantha and Randy Orton say cheese

The couple was married in 2007 and had one daughter, Alana, together. It seems almost a miracle that they not only managed to stay married for five years before separating, but that they also had a child during that time.

WWE wrestlers are not known for being home buddies. In fact, they’re mostly on the road during their career. That’s also the primary reason that so many of them end up getting a divorce. Whilst absence makes the heart grow fonder, too much absence seems to make the heart forget.

Thus WWE icons such as the already mentioned John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Randy Savage, Bret Hart and Diamond Dallas Page all divorced in recent years. And that’s only a few of them.

Samantha and Randy Orton with their kid

The only one to choose family and kids over his career, at least recently, seems to have been Tyler Reks. Sure, he wasn’t a super star in the WWE, but he was also only in his early 30s and that left room for more.

Few other wrestlers did the same and they were mostly less well known than the ones who stuck with it.

Pro-wrestling is not a career one grows old in and so most champions choose to make the most of it whilst they can. Unless they’re called Dwayne Johnson and make a successful jump into the movie star business, where they can earn much more than they did as wrestlers.

Did Randy and Samantha fight for their marriage? Perhaps. But what chance did it stand? Samantha and Randy Orton look happy

Whilst Randy’s main reason to stay would have been their daughter, he was mostly an absent father anyway and it’s unlikely that he sees her now more than he did when he was still married to her mother.

The details of their settlement have been widely published. Samantha kept one bank account, a car, her jewellery, including engagement and wedding rings, and she got full legal and physical custody of their daughter, obviously.

Randy kept everything else: multiple bank accounts, cars, his gun collections, a Harley and all his WWE rights. He agreed to pay $4,500 in child support every month and has visitation rights.

Samantha and Randy Orton posing

It all reads very much as if there was a prenup, which seems very likely, though none is mentioned.

It doesn’t sound as if Samantha made off too badly and since she has her own businesses and ventures to look after, she should be fine.

Randy, meanwhile, started dating Kim Marie Kessler, who has three young sons from a previous relationship. The relationship became public back in August 2014 and since July this year the two have been engaged.

Even though he’s been divorced once and marriages don’t have a great survival rate for wrestlers, he doesn’t seem deterred to try it once more. Perhaps Kim will stick around long enough to see his retirement from wrestling, though that might pose a whole new range of problems. Hopefully they can make it work, because now there are three more children involved.


Kim Marie Kessler-Randy Orton's present girlfriend

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Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton pose for a photoshoot


Samantha and Randy Orton with their cutiepie

Samantha and Randy Orton rock in black

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