After 22 years of marriage Ramona Singer divorces her husband after he cheated on her

Being a Real Housewife in any part of America requires a lot of drama; Ramona Singer and estranged husband Mark don’t disappoint and offer a messy divorce.

According to IMDB Ramona and Mark Singer were married in March 1992. Though they have been reported to have been married for 20 years, over 20 years, 22 years and even 25 years. It would appear that they just had their 23rd wedding anniversary, even though it wasn’t one either of them cared to celebrate.

Ramona Singer and Mario Singer at an event

The couple is still in the process of getting divorced. Ramona filed for divorce in January last year after catching Mark with his alleged mistress Kasey Dexter. There have been reports that Mark has been with Kasey for at least eight months before they were caught. It was also alleged that he has cheated on Ramona more than once over the years.

After the news of his cheating and her filing of the divorce have made the rounds, every cast member of Real Housewives of New York had something to say about the split and how they had witnessed Mark getting it on with other women or at least one woman. Apparently it wasn’t new that he was cheating.

Ramona, however, seemed to have been blindsided.

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Next it was said that Mark and Ramona were working on the marriage and that it had been going well, especially since Mark dumped Kasey. And those news were followed by new reports of Mark getting it on with Kasey once more and Ramona leaving him for good.

At the RHONY reunion she was apparently in denial of the divorce. But once season 7 started, she was all torn up over the end of her marriage. On one side it had been horribly hard for her, on the other side she had to end the relationship, because Mark had been going through some kind of midlife crisis and she couldn’t wait for him to get over it, if ever he would do so.

Throughout the ordeal she has been leaning on her cast mates and her daughter Avery for support. But lately she seems to have been happier and has even been getting back into the dating game.

Mark on the other hand can’t seem to let go of Kasey and has been seen with her once more. He also seems to be after Ramona’s money. It’s been reported that he wants to get as much money and property out of this divorce as possible. Given that he was the cheater in this whole affair, this attitude is rather preposterous.

He is well off enough on his own, owning more than one business and, after all he has put his estranged wife through, doesn’t deserve a penny. Unless, of course, there is more to the story than meets the eye, but given how public their lives are, it would be hard to say what that could be.

By now Ramona’s net worth might actually be higher than Mark’s, which would explain why he’s after her money. Hopefully their attorneys can work it out. It’s not quite over yet, but probably soon and we’ll know all the details sooner rather than later.


Mario Singer with his mistress Kasey Dexter

Ramona Singer and Mario Singer with daughter Avery




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