Ramona Singer puts divorce with Husband, Mario Singer on hold!

The star and her husband undergo therapy to mend their strained marriage after she finds him in bed with another woman.

Ramona Singer with husband, Mario Singer

Ramona Singer with husband, Mario Singer.

Update: 9 July 2014

Star of the popular reality TV show ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’, Ramona Singer seems to have put behind all the heartbreak she recently experienced because of her husband, Mario Singer’s betrayal. She was recently seen in public, holding hands with Mario Singer, father of her nineteen year old daughter, Avery and the vice president of Classic Medallics and Frederick Singer & Sons. So, has everything in her personal life returned to being all fine and hunky-dory?

The whole mess started when stories about Mario’s alleged cheating on his wife with socialite Kasey Dexter came out in public. Allegedly, Ramona caught them together in her home in Hampton and dialled 911. By January of this year, Ramona had separated from her husband of twenty-five years and filed for divorce by month end.

Kasey Dexter, alleged ex-mistress of Mario Singer.

Kasey Dexter, alleged ex-mistress of Mario Singer.

But, then in June the estranged couple were spotted together. According to media reports and interviews, the couple were undergoing therapy and trying to work out through their issues to salvage their marriage. Mario had also reportedly broken ties with Kasey, his mistress of eight months, leaving her supposedly heartbroken.

Though the couple are trying to make their marriage work, the healing process seems to be  shaky at the moment. According to media reports, the couple went for a romantic holiday recently to St. Barts, but observers have commented on their distant and cold behaviour towards each other, drunken fights and Mario’s flirtations with the women there. According to some sources, Ramona is a bad drunk and has been the cause of many a fight. In fact, some say that Ramona’s nasty behaviour during her drinking episodes could be one of the reasons that Mario has strayed.

Kasey Dexter muddied the waters further around April, when her two page letter addressed to Ramona and sent to Bravolebrity published by In Touch magazine was published, wherein she tried to explain herself saying that she had got into the relationship with Mario under the assumption that he was going to leave his wife and that she went to give a kind of ultimatum to her which went to the strains of ‘either I or Ramona should leave.’

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Ramona Singer with husband, Mario and daughter, Avery.

Ramona Singer with husband, Mario and daughter, Avery.