Real Housewife Porsha Stewart gets a real life divorce from Kordell Stewart

After a long divorce battle, Porsha Stewart just wanted to get it over with and signed the divorce papers leaving her with nothing. She didn’t even keep her name and is now back to Williams.

Divorce finalized December 5, 2013.

Just as we come into this world with nothing and leave it with nothing, Porsha Williams (former Stewart) came into her marriage to Kordell Stewart with nothing and she left it with nothing.

They met in 2009 when Porsha was employed at the Lucky Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. Kordell was not an active NFL player anymore at that time, working on several TV engagemPorsha Williams & Kordell Stewart get cozy!ents instead. The couple married in a costly wedding in 2011, which was paid in full by Kordell.

There is a case to be made that it was the beginning of the end, when Porsha was cast for the 2012/13 season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. This changed just about everything for Porsha and her family. Kordell may not have been happy with the intrusion of the show into his home, but he allowed Porsha to participate regardless.

Whilst she got to be a star on a reality TV series, Kordell worked on his own career and looked after his son from a previous relationship. But he also expected Porsha to be a mother and it would appear that she did not take that particular job very seriously. Whilst she said repeatedly that she wants children with Kordell, she didn’t seem to care much for her current motherly responsibilities. Since Kordell has full physical custody of his son, the boy was living with the couple and according to Kordell, the boy called Porsha “mommy”.

But Porsha seemed to be more interested in her new celebrity life style, partying all night long according to Kordell rather than helping him raise his son. That would have been especially tough on a man like Kordell, who is not only private but proud of his roots and his hard-won successes. He is steadfast in his views and in his expectations of a relationship, which requires both partners to work together. And he clearly didn’t feel that Porsha was pulling her weight.Porsha Williams and her new boyfriend Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue

Porsha herself has not given much input on the subject. When Kordell eventually filed for divorce in March 2013, she said she was blindsided. Apparently they had been going through therapy together and Kordell later admitted that they had been trying to make it work, until he couldn’t continue any longer.

Whilst there was an initial hope of working through the divorce amicably, it quickly escalated with Porsha demanding alimony and exclusive use of their family home. But Kordell countered that he would not pay spousal support, because Porsha was quite able to support herself and earn a living.

After that the divorce proceedings quickly escalated. Porsha complained of being locked out of their house and the presence of another woman at home. Kordell countered that he only locked the house at night and that the woman was a babysitter he was forced to hire, because Porsha neglected her responsibilities.

Oddly enough, several media outlets claimed that the divorce was a P.R. stunt. Porsha quickly dismissed those rumors, confirming that her divorce was for real and that she would never put herself through something like that voluntarily.

Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart pose for a romantic photoshoot

Eventually Kordell wanted Porsha out of the house for real, allegedly even changing the locks. When Porsha appealed to the judge he sided with Kordell and ordered her to move out. But he also forced Kordell to pay a 3-month alimony to her in support, as well as returning all her belongings, paying for a moving truck and temporary storage.

On her TV show, viewers could certainly feel sympathetic for Porsha. She seemed to have a pretty rough time of it and Kordell was portrayed as controlling. But one must bear in mind that all footage is heavily edited to tell the story in accordance with the producers’ wishes, which means that viewers only got to see so much of what was actually going on.

Before they battled it out in court, however, Porsha decided to settle. Apart from keeping her personal things and a Mercedes, Porsha received absolutely nothing in the divorce settlement, not even spousal support. Kordell kept everything. Porsha said that it was her decision to walk away with nothing. She didn’t want anything from her ex. All she wanted was for it to be over.

Since the divorce Porsha has been linked to several men, some of them extremely rich, but so far nothing has been long-lived. Kordell has ironically been linked to another real housewife lately, though the rumors have yet to be confirmed. Given that he is a private man and didn’t want the reality TV show in his life to begin with, it is somewhat doubtful that there’s any substance to these rumors.

We will certainly find out soon enough.


Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart romantic mood

Porsha Williams hugging Kordell StewartPorsha Willams kissing Kordell Stewart

Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart pose at his 40th Birthday party in Atlanta

Love is in the air for Porsha Williams & Kordell Stewart

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