Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz divorced 3 years ago – now they each get a new chance at happily ever after

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were married less than three years. After their divorce in 2011 they are now happily moving on with new partners.

Divorce finalized November 22, 2011

Ashlee Simpson met her future husband, Pete Wentz, in 2006. They were engaged in April 2008 and married a month later. They formally announced their much rumored pregnancy only two weeks after that. The couple was rather busy there for a while. Son Bronx Mowgli was born in November 2008.

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They were besieged with rumors that their marriage was in trouble as early as 2009. Apparently Ashlee had a bit of an argument with Pete’s ex Michelle Trachtenberg. It was later called a misunderstanding and the two were said to be on good terms. In 2013 Pete confessed that his drug problems started to get worse in 2009 as well, though, after his band went on hiatus and he found himself at a loose end.

Ashlee and Pete made it through all of 2010, however, perhaps trying to work on their problems instead of giving up easily. They both were very clearly in love with their son, who might have been their reason for trying to work through their problems.

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But in February 2011 they ended up announcing their decision to split. They said “careful consideration” led to their choice of going separate ways. They also said that they would continue to be friends and co-parents. It is telling that Ashlee asked for primary physical custody of their son, who was just a little over 2 years old at the time.

Given what we know now about Pete’s drug problems and his increased paranoia at the time, we can probably safely assume that it at least played some part in the separation. Pete Wentz took responsibility in the end. He went to therapy, though the divorce aggravated his problems for a while, and credited his son for making him want to get better.

The divorce was settled in November 2011, but all the details were kept under wraps. Pete had been looking for joint custody, but it is unclear what the ex-couple worked out. These days Ashlee and Pete seem to share equal responsibility for their son. And they do seem to be friends.

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But there is little doubt that the two have thoroughly moved on from each other. Ashlee dated Vincent Piazza for a while, but since 2013 she has been with Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross. The two married in August 2014 in a bohemian-inspired ceremony on the estate of his mother in Connecticut.

And in December last year the two lovebirds announced that they were expecting their first child together.

Pete Wentz, on the other hand, seems to have recovered from his drug problems and has been dating model Meagan Camper since September 2011. The two are going strong, though they are not married yet. In August 2014, the same month Ashlee re-married, Pete and Meagan welcomed their first child together, a boy.

It seems that neither Ashlee nor Pete could be happier in their new lives. Bronx benefits from two sets of parents and being the big brother of one sibling with another one on the way. Let’s hope everyone has found lasting happiness and we don’t have to worry about these unions falling apart in the future.


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