Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson have a marriage that doesn’t even inspire divorce rumours

During their entire marriage Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson only collected one rumour that they are about to divorce and it seems completely unfounded

We don’t really know how long Bridgette Wilson and Pete Sampras knew each other before they were married in October 2000. They announced their engagement in May that year and were likely together for a year or longer before that.

Bridgette Wilson and Pete Sampras dayout

Therefore we also don’t know how the actress and the former tennis star met each other. Probably at some event or another; one of those where lots of celebrities get together.

Be that as it may, we know that after nearly 16 years the two are still happily married to each other. They have two sons, the first of whom arrived in 2002 and the other about two years after that.

Bridgette once said about their experiences after having their first child that the two were completely out of their depths. She sort of freaked out a little bit and Pete somewhat disconnected from the experience.

Bridgette Wilson and Pete Sampras dayout with baby

She said they got better at it, especially when son number two was born. They were more relaxed then. But their approach to parenting is rather different, something that was not always easy to accept. She confessed to be more of an explainer when the boys have done something wrong. She wants them to understand, why they were not allowed to do certain things. Pete on the other hand simply forbids them to do something or tells them not to do something, laughing at her for explaining so much.

Bridgette said that they had to make allowances for each other and their different styles of parenting. No one approach is right or wrong and it seems she believes that their children benefit from the combination.

With two young children at home the couple also had difficulties making time for each other. The two had reportedly some unpleasant experiences with nannies, but eventually realized that they would need to let go and spent time together, which means that someone else would have to look after the boys.

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It’s easy to lose yourself or your partner when you are a parent.

Somehow Pete and Bridgette managed to find a balance and work out how to be together and how to be a family. Some couples don’t figure it out in time, which could very well end the relationship.

Whilst Pete retired from tennis, Bridgette more or less retired from acting. The lead a quiet life, much more low-key than other famous couples, even in the tennis world. Perhaps that’s the reason why no one really hears about the two and why there is only one claim to be found that says that the two could be heading for a divorce soon.

A ‘source’ only claims that the two are constantly fighting and bickering for no good reason and that it tears the family apart. So far, however, there’s no indication that this is in any way true and no other magazines have taken on this rumour. There is, in fact, no reason to believe that Pete and Bridgette are on the verge of a split and we certainly hope that that is not going to change.


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