Paula Patton and Robin Thicke – When childhood sweethearts divorce

A couple since adolescence, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are set to divorce after 9 years of marriage and a son together. Here no lines are blurred.

He may not have been her first kiss, but he was a lot of other firsts for her. Robin Thicke and Paula Patton met at an under-18 club when they were 14 and 15 years old. Together for nigh on 23 years, married for nine, Paula Patton has now filed for divorce.

Paula Patton and Hubby Robin Thicke

The couple announced their split on February 26, declaring that they would always love each other and be best friends. Given everything that has happened since, it seems pretty clear that Paula was the driving force behind the separation, even though the statement said it was a mutual decision.

Letting go of your childhood sweetheart could not have been an easy decision. For the longest time Paula and Robin seemed like the perfect couple. They share 4-year old son Julian and when filing for divorce Paula requested joint custody, which means that his qualities as a father are not in question here.

His qualities as a husband are another matter entirely, however.

By his own admission, Robin said that the huge success of his song “Blurred Lines” got to him. In a radio interview he said that he had become a little too selfish, too greedy and too full of himself. It was certainly the impression one had of him whenever he appeared publicly. There has been a certain cockiness that didn’t make him overly likeable.

Add to that the controversy around the song itself, which appears to perpetuate date-rape. Much has been written about the song and whether it is okay to treat women like that. Remember all the half-naked women in the video?

Paula Patton Robin Thicke with their kid

Robin didn’t help himself with his public appearances either. Women were always cozying up to him, then he grabbed a girl’s butt that was certainly not his wife’s and in January he was seen almost kissing another woman. And then there were rumors that he had cheated on his wife.

After having been with Paula for over 22 years, one would think his marriage was more important to him than the party life and random girls. Paula however had lost faith and ended up calling it quits, because there’s only so much a woman can take. She deserved better than this.

But only after the separation was announced, did Robin begin to agree with his wife. He vowed almost immediately that he would win Paula back and for many months he proceeded to do just that.

He wrote “Get her back”, declaring his intent to woo his wife back. He dedicated songs to her at several of his concerts. Finally he wrote an entire album full of love songs and ballads, naming it after her.

Paula Patton with Hubby Robin Thicke

Eventually he conceded defeat, giving up the pursuit of his wife, but also saying that it would have to be her who would need to file for divorce, because he would never do so. Well, she did.

Paula Patton seemed largely unimpressed by her husband’s attempts at winning her back. She rarely commented and whenever she did it was never to give the impression that he might actually be successful.

Many thought they might still have a chance, just as long as no divorce was actually filed, or neither would get a divorce lawyer yet, though one doesn’t need a lawyer to divorce. But there can be no doubt now that they are over once and for all.

In true form Robin Thicke apparently threw himself a divorce party. His only guests were Leo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Emile Hirsch and a whole lot of models.

Way to send a signal, Robin. Perhaps his wild days come twenty years later than they do for most of us. Nobody will be surprised if he throws himself into bachelor life with full force now.

Paula Patton has most recently been linked to Zak Waters. He is rumored to have already moved in with her, but for now it’s just that: a rumor. Paula Patton is quite a private person, has been even more so since her split from her soon-to-be ex-husband. She’ll come out with a new boyfriend whenever she is ready.


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