Paula Deen Refutes Divorce Rumours with second husband Michael Groover

Allegations of racism against Paula and the repercussions combined with reports of another woman in her husband’s life drive a wedge in their marriage.

Paula Deen with her husband, Michael Groover.

Paula Deen with her second husband, Michael Groover.

Update: 31 January 2014

2013 was a rough year for celebrity chef Paula Deen. Trouble came to Paula on all fronts, be it professional, personal or financial! She spent a major part of the year trying to douse the fires set by her own self as well as the media.

Not only was Paula Deen busy trying to explain away the racism charge filed against her by some of her former employees and trying to salvage her multimillionaire dollar culinary empire, but she was also trying to fight persistent rumours about an impending divorce from her second husband, Michael Groover. Paula married Michael, a tugboat captain, in 2004 and rumours regarding their divorce came to surface early 2013. After all the negative publicity she got from the court case and her deposition, Michael was reported to be furious and even contemplating filing for divorce, about getting his name dragged into Paula’s case, where she almost implied that he was a racist too. Then there were stories in November, 2013 about Michael and a ‘sexy, middle aged brunette’ mistress and how Paula had thrown her husband out after reports of his alleged affair. There was widespread speculation in the media and public about the two and the fact that they hadn’t signed a pre-nuptial agreement and its financial implications to the couple.

Paula Deen with her sons, Jamie and Bobby.

Paula Deen with her sons, Jamie and Bobby.

Paula Deen’s first marriage was with Jimmy Deen in 1965, when she was very young. This marriage ended in a divorce in 1989. She had two sons, Jamie and Bobby with Jimmy. Paula retained her first husband’s surname despite her  second marriage to Michael, probably due to business reasons and the fact that she had made her name as ‘Paula Deen’ in the culinary field.

Despite an aggressive media that seems almost certain that Paula Deen and Michael Groover are on the verge of divorce, the couple remain together and from all accounts, happy.