Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan divorced after 23 years of marriage because they had nothing in common

Before getting married they played an adventurous couple on screen in the 80’s, but after 23 years Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan decided to divorce, amicably it seems.

Divorce finalized in July 2014

They met on the set of iconic Australian movie Crocodile Dundee and although Paul was still married to his first (and also second) wife Noelene Edwards, Paul obviously fell for Linda very quickly, because he left Noelene in 1986 for the second time, though the marriage was apparently not dissolved until 1990.

Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan say cheese

That doesn’t seem surprising, though, considering that their divorce was considered one of Australia’s ugliest celebrity divorces. Given that they were together for over 30 years, even though they divorce and remarried in between) and had five children together, that is almost to be expected. Especially since Paul left Noelene for a much younger woman (they were married in 1958, the year Linda was born).

Technically speaking when Paul married Linda in 1990, he married for the third time, even though she was only his second wife. The two starred in two more Crocodile Dundee movies together and somewhere in between they had son Chance.

Son Chance with Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan

In 2013 Linda filed for divorce. Until then outsiders wouldn’t have guessed that there was much wrong in their relationship. They always appeared together smiling. Even at Paul’s oldest son’s wedding everyone was in high spirits. But only a few years later the marriage was irretrievably broken.

But Linda admitted that they had been separated, at least to a degree, for a long time before the divorce. Thus the divorce seemed a natural step and it was quite amicable.

The two decided not to ask for spousal or child support and Linda received a payout of $5.775 Million as well as the right to continue living in their L.A. home for another four years or until she remarries, whichever happens first. She would also have the option to buy the place at the original price.

In the meantime Linda has opened up about her divorce and simply stated that Paul and she have always been polar opposites, which means they had absolutely nothing in common. Where at first that was exciting, it ended up meaning that they simply had nothing to talk about or do together any more. The only thing they do have in common is son Chance.

Terri Irwin linked to Paul Hogan

It also appears that Linda resented being in Paul Hogan’s shadow for so long. He’s somewhat of a national treasure in Australia. She is the outsider.

Ultimately she is better off now and appears to be happy. She is spending a lot of time in Morocco, where she shares a business with a Moroccan tour guide. She declines to say, if she is actually seeing him privately as well, but judging by photos she has posted on social media, that very much appears to be the case.

Paul Hogan has briefly been linked to Terri Irwin, though both have very much denied that this is the case and it seems to be one of those more ludicrous rumours to have made the news. He apparently wouldn’t mind dating Kris Jenner, but otherwise he’s happy in his own company and now in his mid-70s may not be looking to remarry again.


Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan sport hunter hats

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Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan look great together

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