Paul Casey’s divorce caused his golf play to suffer, but his fiancée and baby son provide a new upswing

Paul Casey’s divorce from Jocelyn Heffner ended unhappily both personally and professionally. Now he’s back in form with a new fiancée and a baby son.

Divorce finalized in November 2011

Golf tends to be a reasonably scandal free sport, at least were golfer’s professional lives are concerned and as long as your name isn’t Tiger Woods. Paul Casey’s first marriage and divorce was therefore not a big news item. But it seemed noteworthy enough at the time, because it affected his gameplay as a golfer.

Jocelyn Hefner-Paul Casey ex wife

Paul and Jocelyn Hefner (yes, she’s a distant cousin to THAT Hefner) were married for three years. A golfer’s life is demanding on a relationship, because tournaments aren’t usually carried out in the neighbourhood. Instead lots of travelling around the world is involved and the better you are the more tournaments you’ll play in.

Paul hails originally from England and is considered one of the most naturally talented golfers the country has served up in the last decade. Jocelyn, however, is American and a transatlantic relationship comes with its own challenges.

Pollyanna Woodward-Paul Casey's present wife

Whilst the two made a home in Arizona, golfing would take Paul far away and whilst on tour, Jocelyn would come with him. At least in the beginning.

He said himself that it was great fun in the beginning and he was a very happy man and a pretty successful golfer in 2008, during their honeymoon phase, if you will.

But somewhere along the line the fun stayed away and the touring took its toll. Paul realized that Jocelyn was no longer interested in her own endeavours and dreams and therefore wasn’t really the woman he had fallen in love with any more. Jocelyn somehow lost herself and her dreams on tour, Paul said.

When they sat down to address this and other problems, they came to the conclusion that their relationship wasn’t working out. Both of them were unhappy and it was bad enough for Paul that it affected his golf play negatively.

Pollyanna Woodward and Paul Casey say cheese

The divorce was filed in June 2011 and by November it was finalized.

But even before it was finalized Paul met Pollyanna Woodward. She was also going through a divorce at the time and that gave the two something to talk about. According to friends and Paul himself, however, Pollyanna doesn’t appear to be the commiserating type. She’s positive, up-beat and cheerful. And it cheered Paul up as well.

She became the light at the end of the tunnel for him and once his divorce was finalized Pollyanna asked him out.

That seems a quick turnover from one relationship to the next, for both of them in fact. But neither of them turned into the rebound for the other. Five years later they are not only still together, but they had baby boy Lex join the family last year and have been engaged since 2014 now.

Apparently Paul has found his soulmate and there’s no doubt the two will marry eventually and expand their little family as well. His golfplay has certainly benefited from his happiness and Paul is fulfilling his potential once more.



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Pollyanna Woodward and Paul Casey look happy with son Lex

Jocelyn Hefner and Paul Casey say cheese

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