After two divorces it seems unlikely that Patricia Arquette will get married again

Patricia Arquette has been there and done that – marriage, divorce, children. Her work and her children are more important to her than the men in her life, though.

Divorces finalized in 2001 and 2011

Patricia Arquette may be as famous for her private life as she is for her acting career. Member of the famous Arquette Clan, Patricia’s life is relatively free of scandals, but every now and then she raised some eyebrows.

Patricia Arquett with her first husband Nicholas Cage

When Nicholas Cage and Patricia Arquette met, he proposed to her on the same day. She was 18 at the time. The two didn’t get married then. It took another 9 years before Nicholas and Patricia actually married. This time it was Patricia who proposed and the two married within two weeks. But the two weren’t actually together in the intervening years.

Instead she was with Paul Rossi for a few years and with him she had son Enzo. Patricia and Paul never married, however, and eventually they separated. In 1995 she married Nicholas Cage.

It has been claimed that the two were only married happily for 9 months, but Patricia denied that that was the case. She did admit that there were a few times when she didn’t live with Nicholas, but that was because she lived with her ill mother. Other times they were each making different movies, which meant they had little time together as well.

Patricia Arquette with second husband Thomas Jane

In the end Nicholas filed for divorce in February 2000. Apparently the two considered reconciliation and Nicholas withdrew the divorce petition again. But eventually those attempts failed and it was Patricia who filed the second time around.

The divorce was quietly finalized in 2001. Despite their attempts at reconciliation, it seemed the two had long stopped being a married couple and it was mostly a case of conflicting schedules and careers. It’s difficult to stay invested in a marriage, when you never see your husband or wife.

Patricia moved on with Thomas Jane. With him she had daughter Harlow in 2003. They were engaged in 2002, but only married in 2006. Only three years after that, however, Patricia filed for her second divorce. She cited irreconcilable differences, but the estranged couple did try to reconcile. Patricia withdrew the divorce petition and for a while things seemed to be looking up for the couple.

But once more the reconciliation didn’t last. It was August 2010 when it was once more confirmed that the divorce would proceed after all. In July 2011 the divorce was finalized. It was amicable and Patricia and Thomas agreed to share custody of their daughter.

Patricia has yet to get married again. Whilst she has been with her current partner Eric White for some time, it really doesn’t seem as if she is intent on getting married again. Then again, if Eric were to pop the question, who knows what she might answer? The two certainly seem happy, but we do know that marriage is not for everyone. Patricia would know what she’d get herself into and might want to avoid another divorce. But perhaps her third time would be lucky.


Thomas Jane and Patricia Arquette holding hands

Eric White and Patricia Arquette hug

Eric White and Patricia Arquette holding hands

Patricia Arquett hugs Nicholas Cage

Patricia Arquette with her current boyfriend Eric White

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