Will Pablo Schreiber’s divorce from estranged wife Jessica Monty turn nasty?

Pablo Schreiber and Jessica Monty were married for seven years and had two sons before she filed for separation. He responded by filing for divorce.

It is a valid question when you look at the separation request Jessica filed. In it she wants full physical custody of their two sons, spousal support and requests that Pablo be denied any request for spousal support himself.


Apparently she is willing to give him visitation rights and shared legal custody. That was in January 2014. In turn Pablo filed for divorce one month later. He requested shared physical custody and does not want to offer spousal support.

Thus far the couple is not officially divorced.

They married in 2007 and had two sons together. At the time the separation became public knowledge, the younger son was not even two years old. That’s pretty sad.

Apart from citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ no reasons are known as to why the couple decided to split. Clearly they weren’t happy with each other anymore. Otherwise their separation or divorce filings would have looked a little friendlier. The split therefore doesn’t seem entirely amicable.

Could Pablo’s rising star be to blame? Whilst he had already garnered attention with several appearances on TV shows, his break through role was certainly that of Officer Mendez on Orange is the New Black. He won’t be part of the upcoming third season, because he will play a new role on a different show. But he will forever be a part of OITNB’s legacy as the character nicknamed “Pornstache”.


Surely Pablo would have become busier, more easily recognizable, even without the trademark mustache of his character, and may have had less time for and with his family.

When looking at their respective requests in the separation and divorce filings, respectively, one can easily assume some bad blood between the estranged couple. Their divorce has yet to be settled and it’s been well over a year already.

Jessica is a yoga instructor and probably doesn’t have the income Pablo has. If a pre-nup exists is not known, but it doesn’t seem likely. At this stage not much is known about the divorce proceedings at all. For the sake of the children, one can only hope that Pablo and Jessica at least try to keep it civil.

It does look as if Pablo has moved on, though. He’s been associated with celebrity dancer Karina Smirnoff. Apparently the two are dating. At the very least they have been seen in public together and have been rather affectionate with one another.

We will, no doubt, find about more about these two and the status of Pablo’s divorce during the course of this year.

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