After their divorce Owain Yeoman finds happiness again whilst Lucy Davis struggles with bulimia

Owain Yeoman and Lucy Davis had a dream wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, which ended in divorce five years later. Owain is married once more with a child on the way. Divorce finalized in October 2011

Their paths couldn’t have taken more different turns. After a six-month romance Owain Yeoman and Lucy Davis married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in December 2006. It’s a rare honor, only possible in their case, because Lucy’s dad received an OBE in 2002.

Lucy Davis & Owain Yeoman look stunning

It might have been a fairy tale wedding, but the couple did not have a happily ever after – at least not with each other. They must have been happy at least for a while. They met in L.A., both having moved there to advance their careers. Owain did so more successfully than Lucy. Perhaps it was one point of contention between them.

When a couple pursues the same career and one partner manages to do so more successfully than the other, it could cause a certain amount ofresentment. Given that Lucy also had issues with her self-esteem, mostly because of her looks (especially her weight), there must have been room for discontent.

By the time the couple was divorced in L.A., in October 2011, they had already been separated for nine months.

Not much is actually known about the divorce details. It was probably as amicable as can be expected, but it seems it have hit Lucy much harder than it did Owain. Lucy developed bulimia after the divorce. She’s admitted to always having had issues with her weight, usually starving herself for almost a week and then binge eating for a day. Those problems were nothing new, but the divorce exacerbated the situation for her.

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She recognized her problems, however, and joined the Overeaters Anonymous. She said that her weight and eating related issues had been so bad at some point that she had been unable to work for quite some time.

Therapy helped and getting back to work would have helped as well. Whilst she may never be as successful as Owain has been thus far, she has managed to get back to work and is striving for a happier and healthier life, openly talking about her struggles, but perhaps staying away from relationships for a while. She admitted that dating in L.A. was not the same as dating back home in the UK. And it doesn’t look as if she is currently dating anyone.

Owain on the other hand managed to fall in love quite unexpectedly and quite soon after the divorce, in true L.A. style, as he called it. He and his now-wife Gigi Yallouz, a jewellery designer, met when they pulled up at a traffic light opposite each other. They exchanged numbers and started dating.

He was engaged to her 12 months after his divorce from Lucy had been finalized. But they waited almost another year before actually walking down the aisle in September 2013. Owain was overjoyed at the wedding and called Gigi his soulmate.

In true form the couple announced another year later that they were expecting their first child together. Owainwas not only ecstatic but very excited, sharing the news on every social media channel available.

It seems that he has found his happily ever after, while his ex-wife Lucy is still waiting for hers. But Lucy seems to have accepted that she must learn to love herself before she can let someone else love her.


Gigi Yallouz & Owain Yeoman at a jewellery event

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