Olivier Martinez’ first divorce will be Halle Berry’s third – And probably her last

After her second divorce she vowed on Oprah that she would never marry again. Yet she did and now, at 49, Halle Berry is divorcing for the third time.

After two messy divorces and a very nasty custody battle with an ex-boyfriend, Halle Berry seems determined to make her third divorce an amicable one. How has one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood managed to be so unlucky in love?

An expecting Halley Berry and Olivier Martinez day out

Her first marriage to baseball pro David Justice lasted only three years. They met after David admitted to a crush on her during an interview. After being together for about two years, the two married in 1992, but in 1996 the marriage collapsed and the divorce was finalized in 1997.

For years everyone thought that David had physically abused Halle, who only ever said that one of her exes once hit her so hard on the head that it led to partial loss of hearing. She never actually specified who that was, however. David recently spoke out on this particular issue, saying that it wasn’t him and never had been him, but that he suffered because of it and received a lot negative press and hate from fans. It likely cost him endorsement deals as well.

Whilst their break-up wasn’t a happy one, David said he would have never hit Halle or any other woman for that matter. It’s a fact that he has been happily married for 15 years now and has three children with his wife. His family doesn’t look as if he, as the husband and father, were anything but loving.

Halley Berry and Olivier Martinez arrive at an event

Halle’s second marriage to singer Eric Benét lasted really only two years. The couple was together from 1999 to 2003 and married from 2001. But the divorce was only finalized in 2005. Benét had cheated on Halle, which he admitted, and in an effort to save his marriage he even admitted himself into rehab for a sex-addiction. Though he later said he is not actually a sex-addict.

After this marriage broke apart, Halle vowed to never get married again, but that didn’t keep her from having unsuccessful relationships.

True to her word she at least never married ex Gabriel Aubrey. They were together between 2005 and 2010 before splitting up. They had daughter Nahla together, which led to a lot of problems in the wake of their break-up, because the couple battled for custody over the girl. Whilst custody was officially settled in 2011, the pair continued to have run-ins. When Halle wanted to move to France with Olivier and the children, Gabriel prevented it, because she was not allowed to take Nahla out of the country.

Halley Berry and Olivier Martinez in casual wears

Gabriel and Olivier infamously got into a fight that ended up becoming physical on Thanksgiving 2012. The police needed to intervene and both were treated for injuries.

This titbit is particularly interesting, because it’s been alleged that the reason of Halle’s and Olivier’s split is his temper, which can become rather violent at times. Whilst Olivier is clearly not directing that violence towards Halle, getting into fights with him can’t be pleasant, if the story is indeed true.

There don’t seem to be any other indicators as to why the couple would split. They’ve been together since filming Dark Tide together in 2010 and married in 2013, when Halle was already very pregnant with their son Maceo.

Their split came ultimately as a surprise to outsiders, but apparently the couple had been separated for a few months already and some outlets reported as early as August that the marriage was about to fail and the two were getting ready to divorce.

Whilst Halle Berry might have hoped that Olivier was the one, it seems that is not the case after all. She is doing well according to her own words and the two have recently been seen out and about together, clearly keeping things amicable indeed.

Halle has hardly been by herself since she first made a splash in Hollywood. Perhaps it’s time for the 49-year old to learn how to be single. It might prepare her for the right man, should he be out there.

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