Noomi Rapace’s full life – getting a marriage, child birth and a divorce out of the way while still young

Noomi Rapace is only 35 years old, but has had a ten-year marriage, gave birth to a son at 23 and is now divorced, probably because of her very successful career.

By the age of 16 Noomi Rapace had already sobered up and put her wild years behind her in order to star on a soap opera. During the early stages of her career as an actress she met future husband Ola Norell. They were married in 2000, when she was 20 years old. Their surname “Rapace” was adopted by the couple just before their marriage. It means “bird of prey” in French and Italian and appealed to a young Noomi, who wanted to cut ties to her Swedish heritage, where she never really felt at home anyway.

All smiles Noomi Rapace & Ola Rapace

Her marriage was a new beginning and she was happy with her husband, who is also an actor. They had son Lev in 2003. The young family did live in Sweden, where both actors had their careers and Noomi had her eventual breakthrough playing the part of Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium trilogy.

It might have been that role and the international recognition she received following it that broke up her marriage, though.

By her own account Noomi is a very immersive actress. She doesn’t just play a role, she becomes the character. She admitted that she has difficulty dealing with life away from the set during filming, because she is so fully inside her characters.

Consequently she becomes difficult to live with and the role of Lisbeth Salander was a particularly tough one, in which she lived for 18 months during the filming of all three movies. That would have taken a toll on her marriage.

But she and Ola persevered for a while longer.

Noomi Rapace & Ola Rapace at an event

When Noomi met Ridley Scott, who told her he wanted to work with her if she could learn English quickly, her fate as an internationally emerging actress was sealed. Her first English-speaking role was in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie, however.

Noomi is not a very typical Hollywood actress and she has had an eventful life already. Being different was what guaranteed her success. She thought about moving to America for her career, but husband Ola, whose career was nowhere near as big as his wife’s, was apparently too attached to Sweden. Eventually the couple separated, amicably.

It was Noomi who filed for divorce in September 2010. According to Swedish law, they had to wait six months to a year before the divorce could be made official. And that because of their son. It’s considered a “cooling off” period. A childless marriage can be dissolved more quickly.

The divorce was finalized at some point in 2011, as early as March or April, but it is not known when precisely. Noomi and Ola remained friends and have even worked together after their divorce. For the sake of their son, they had an amicable divorce, though Noomi and Lev no longer live in Sweden.

Noomi Rapace and boyfriend Tom Hardy look glamorous

Since her divorce almost four years ago, Noomi has been linked to a few men, Tom Hardy amongst them. She explained that the two were very good, close friends, but that they weren’t a couple. Tom was engaged to another woman when the rumors emerged, which was somewhat unfortunate for him.

Noomi has also been linked to Orlando Bloom, but the two only seem to be working on a movie together and there’s no evidence that they are actually dating. In an interview she did admit to having a boyfriend; that was late in 2014. But she hadn’t been at liberty to divulge any more information and it is not known, if she is currently dating anyone.

She does seem to be a very happy person, however. She has a fantastic career, a son she loves and a life she never would have imagined when she was still a teenager. Although she’s been in relationships for most of her life, it doesn’t seem as if she actually needs a man in her life at the moment, certainly not in order to be happy.


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