Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman did not cheat on each other and are not headed for divorce

Are Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman a perfectly happy couple? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be divorcing anytime soon.

Nicole Kidman’s first marriage to Tom Cruise ended rather shockingly. The two were always the picture perfect couple, even starred in movies together, and the sudden end of their relationship came as a complete surprise. And not just to us but to Nicole herself.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman arrive at an event

It has later been claimed that Cruise was more or less instructed to end the relationship by the Church of Scientology. He’s a member, but as a devout catholic Nicole never was. The marriage was divorced after nearly 11 years together in 2001.

In 2005 Nicole met Keith Urban. When news first emerged that the two were dating, some probably thought they made for a bit of an unlikely pair. He’s a country musician; she’s the world class actress. But perhaps Nicole didn’t want to date another actor and somehow the two definitely hit it off.

They were married in 2006 and had their first daughter in 2008. Daughter number 2 arrived via surrogacy in 2010.

One cannot possibly claim to have seen Keith and Nicole ever as anything but happy. They keep their daughters very much out of the public eye and devote as much time to each other and their family as possible.

Yet the two are no strangers to divorce rumours.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman cozy moment

Apparently Keith has been accused of cheating on Nicole with very young singer Kelsea Ballerini, though there’s no proof for that whatsoever. On the other hand Nicole has been accused of getting awfully close with co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor as well as old friend Russell Crowe, who incidentally is said to have gone on record in the past that he would have loved to date her.

But there’s no evidence of either of the two stepping out on the other. Not a shred. Ever reliable Gossip Cop also slammed those rumours as well as rumours that the couple had been fighting over having another child. Apparently Nicole wants another one, but Keith doesn’t believe it is going to happen. Nicole is 47 after all.

But how would that even be an issue given that they had their second daughter via surrogacy as well? If they really wanted another child, they would know how to go about it.

The last issue that is reported to be hanging between them is the time spent apart. There’s too much of it. And given their busy lives and very different careers, this one would be the only valid problem.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at The Australian AACTA Awards Ceremony in LA

Nicole is currently working in London on a play and will continue with that for more than another month. She has been in London for some time now.

But at the same time these two are no strangers to spending time apart and surely Keith would have the liberty of joining his wife, who’s been given stellar reviews for her performance, if he’s not on tour or producing an album or working on American Idol.

When last the two were seen out together they appeared to be as much in love as ever and there’s no reason to believe that a divorce is in the cards.

Nobody has a perfect relationship and every couple has issues. The key is to work on those and not run away when the going gets tough. Nicole seems to be someone who knows what she wants. A happy home and a happy marriage are surely a part of that.


Nicole Kidman cozying with co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban snapped at an event

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban look so made for each other

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban look happy with each other

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban look cheerful

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban strike a pose

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at an Awards


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