How Nicky Reed and Paul McDonald made an album after their divorce

Nicky Reed and Paul McDonald married only a few months after first meeting. Two years later the divorce was filed. But despite the end of their marriage, they made an album together. Divorce finalized January 2015

When they met in March 2011 it was love at first sight for Nicky Reed. She didn’t even expect to be at the premier of Red Riding Hood, but she was invited and so she went and perchance found herself meeting Paul McDonald.

Nicky Reed and Paul McDonald made for each other

They announced their engagement in June that year. And as far as anybody knew they married in October. However, in the divorce documents they gave the marriage date as July 14, 2011. Either way, they did marry really soon into their relationship.

And really soon their relationship fell apart.

When they announced their decision to separate, they had already been living apart for six months. Shortly after the separation Nikki filed for divorce citing the perfunctory “irreconcilable differences”, asking that Paul would not be granted spousal support.

Apparently “work obligations” were the reason for the split. Nastier rumors have it that money and career, or the lack thereof, were the reason behind the split. Paul didn’t have much of a career and thus made no money. And Nikki didn’t have quite the career she wanted despite starring in all three Twilight movies, which were immensely successful.

Nicky Reed jogging with her new found love Ian Somerhalder

Clearly the combination caused enough tension that they were not able to hold onto their marriage. Despite being very clearly madly in love from the beginning, they probably went about getting married rather too quickly. They had hardly a concept of what it would be like to be together through thick and thin and ended up failing at it.

Paul was apparently quite heartbroken over the breakup and it is not known that he’s actually been dating anyone new. Nikki on the other hand moved on fairly quickly with Ian Somerhalder, who has been a long-time friend of hers before they became a couple. The two are now living together and it would appear that Nikki is taking things a little slower this time around. And whilst not confirmed by the couple, they are said to be newly engaged.

Now, more interesting than their divorce, which was finalized just a few days ago, is the fact that Nikki and Paul made an album together last year.

Paul McDonald and Nicky Reed pose for a photoshoot

They started working on it in 2012 when they were still happily married, but finished it after they had separated in 2013. It’s therefore a good reflection of the state of their relationship. Apparently it’s a good listen and Nikki and Paul have professed how very proud they are of the album.

Whilst many couples do manage to separate amicably, very few continue to work together after a split, let alone on such an intimate thing as an album like this. The two have plans to go on tour with their album and to continue to work together in the studio in the future.

Perhaps their marriage is over, but these two are not quite done with each other. Hopefully Ian Somerhalder doesn’t have an issue with his girlfriend still being so close to her ex. Misplaced jealousy should not break up a relationship that seems to be going rather strongly. Let’s also hope that Paul isn’t still holding a candle for his ex-wife, which would needlessly complicate things.


Nicky Reed and Paul McDonald running errands

Nicky Reed and Paul McDonald jogging

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald at the Rolling Stones Concert

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Nicky Reed day out with Ian Somerhalder

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