Did the age gap catch up to Nick Knowles and Jessica Rose Moor, who just announced their divorce?

Nick Knowles and Jessica Rose Moor were married in 2012, then had a son together and only three years later announced that they would divorce. Nobody knows why.

Nick Knowles is not a family man or one to be married. He’s not even one to be in long-term relationships. That’s what he said in 2008 anyway.

Jessica Rose Moor and Nick Knowles wedding

He’s a workaholic and thus married to his work. He was married in the 1990s for a little while and managed to have three children with his ex-wife. But he was more or less and absent father, always on the job, to make sure that his family was taken care of.

He failed to recognize that there’s more to taking care of a family than providing financially. That’s why his first marriage broke apart. He was just never at home.

Whilst he had the odd long-term relationship here or there (most notably three years with Suzy Perri), his relationships usually ended after six months. Though apparently he always told his women that he was married to his work and that it came first.

In 2009 Jessica Rose Moor’s parents introduced her to Nick. The two hit it off despite a 25-year age gap and were married three years later.

An expecting Jessica Rose Moor and Nick Knowles

Nick never seemed to be worried about the age gap, calling Jessica mature beyond her years and himself a Peter Pan, who never wanted to grow up anyway.

Curiously Jessica didn’t want her husband with her when she gave birth to their son. At the time it caused some controversy, but she explained it away saying that she wanted to keep birth and sex separate and also wanted to concentrate on giving birth rather than worry about him being worried about her.

Whilst Nick said that Jessica had made him a better man and that he loved her and they complemented each other, Jessica said that she was utterly in love with him and not worried about the age gap.

Interestingly Nick decided to dial his work commitments down, but he only did so when a health scare forced him to re-evaluate some things. It also led to the couple relocating to Spain, which has a much friendlier climate, especially considering that Nick was apparently diagnosed with tuberculosis at some point.

Jessica Rose Moor and Nick Knowles dayout with son

He wanted to spend more time with his family and made an effort to work less as well. He is not getting any younger, after all. And having a very young wife and a baby boy certainly influenced his decision.

Unfortunately the couple announced early January, just about a month ago now, that they were separating, but that they would continue to focus on the happiness of their son. Apparently they are planning on keeping things amicable, but if they succeed remains to be seen.

No reason for the split was given, but one wonders if their age gap didn’t catch up to them after all. Or perhaps Nick became restless once more. He’s been a workaholic his entire life, perhaps a quieter lifestyle is just not him.

There’s also a chance that it was a combination of these things. When Jessica married him she certainly denied that she was worried about the age gap, but things change. They could have changed for either one of them and that the two had an awful lot of things in common to begin with is somewhat doubtful.

Perhaps we’ll learn the reason behind the split eventually. Perhaps we won’t. They’ll move on from this and their son will grow up only knowing his parents to be apart and not together.

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Nick Knowles & Jessica Rose Moor dayout

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