Will twice divorced Neve Campbell get her third time lucky and find a happily ever after with JJ Feild?

Neve Campbell has been divorced twice already, most recently from John Light in 2011. She shares a child with her current partner, but will she go down the aisle again? Divorce finalized in May 2011

Neve Campbell met John Light on the film set of Investigating Sex in 2001. Strangely it is variously reported that she began dating him in 2001 or 2005. But by December 2005 the couple became engaged, suggesting that they started dating not long after they first met.


The couple tied the knot in May 2007 and ended up living in London, John’s home town, for the remainder of their relationship. They never had children.

It’s not known what led to the demise of the marriage. Neve had been through a marriage and divorce before. The first time she had been married for only three years to Jeff Colt. That divorce was finalized in 1998.

All we know is that Neve filed her divorce very quietly in Los Angeles in June 2010 and that she requested that her estranged husband would not receive any spousal support. Perhaps that gives us a clue as to what led to the split.

Neve certainly had her heydays in the 90s, which established her as an actress and made her a household name. But the 2010s weren’t quite as kind to her. She was, however, in steady employment, continuously working as an actress, albeit not in huge productions.

Her work took her to the US most of the time. Ex-husband John on the other hand had only a few roles here and there and came never anywhere close to Neve’s success. If we couple that and Neve’s continued absence in order to work in the US, a split doesn’t seem a very unlikely occurrence anymore.


The fact that she filed for divorce in LA speaks volumes in itself.

Neither Neve nor John have issued any statements about their divorce and Neve’s only comment as to how she was doing was a smile, adding that she was always doing great. It is said that the two split amicably and were still on friendly terms, but it took almost a year for the divorce to be finalized. Details of it are not known.

Neve moved on to dating JJ Feild in 2011. The couple had their first child, son Caspian, in August 2012 and have been going strong ever since. There have been rumors that they were engaged to be married, but aside from Neve wearing a conspicuous looking ring, there has been no confirmation of that rumor nor, in fact, a wedding.

There was also a rumor that Neve might be pregnant with their second child at the end of last year. But thus far no sibling is forthcoming and neither is a baby bump. But Neve and JJ seem to be quite happy and perhaps they are taking it slow. Maybe she doesn’t want to get married again, given her two previous failures in that department.

Clearly a successful relationship and a happy family don’t hinge on a marriage.

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