Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts end their 11-year relationship in the best possible way

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber may never have been married, but they were together for 11 years and two sons together. Their recent split proves that amicable break-ups are possible.

Separated in September 2016

Naomi Watts began dating Liev Schreiber in 2005 after her relationship with Heath Ledger had ended. Their first son was born in 2007 and their second son joined the family in 2008.

Naomi Watts with ex-flame Heath Ledger

Whilst Liev occasionally referred to Naomi as his wife, the two never actually married. Naomi even said that he had given her a ring, but that they didn’t feel rushed to walk down the aisle. And so they didn’t and were none the worse off for it.

Naomi once confirmed that she wouldn’t have minded expanding her brood, but only if she would be guaranteed a girl. As it was, she was certain that she and Liev would probably have another boy instead and in the end they did not have another child. Their family was complete without the addition of an unlikely baby girl.

For the most part the family appeared to be quite happy. Naomi and Liev admitted in the past that they had the same problems any other couple had. They were working parents who had to juggle career and family life. And for about ten years that worked just fine.

But the last year of their relationship was not as happy as the other ones. The couple worked on the movie The Bleeder together, where they played husband and wife. But in real life it became clear that the two would never be husband and wife. Rumours even said that the two wouldn’t talk on the set of the movie, but there don’t seem to be many (if any) reliable sources for this, so it seems unlikely.

Naomi Watts with husband Liev Schreiber

There were also rumours saying that Liev had cheated on Naomi or that she feared he would do so, but again, there seems to be very little evidence for that. Instead it seems more likely that the two had simply grown apart.

Whilst they had worked on projects together in the past, the two usually worked on different movies or TV shows. But working on a movie together after ten years together may have proven to them that the fire was no longer there or at least no longer the same.

Only weeks ago, then, they confirmed that they had separated and decided that the best way forward for them would not be as a couple. At the same time they still view each other as family. Of that there can be no doubt.

Their sons are their main concern and they will continue to co-parent their boys. Indeed, they worked out custody arrangements without the need of a lawyer and are only using a mediator to sort out everything else.

Their break-up is as amicable as it can be and recently they even wished each other happy birthday on Instagram. The couple are only a week apart with their birthdays and they made sure to think of each other.

Some people considered the timing of the announcement of their break-up interesting. It has been claimed that the two had actually separated months ago, but only made the announcement after the promotional tour for their movie was over and done with. Incidentally Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had announced their own divorce only a few days prior to Naomi and Liev. In the shadow of the Brangelina split Naomi and Liev are a lot less likely to suffer much scrutiny.

That’s good news for the family and especially for the privacy of their sons.


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