Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh Babu don’t have a perfect marriage – just a normal one like normal people

Namrata Shirodkar gave up her career when she married fellow actor Mahesh Babu. But despite some ups and downs, their marriage is a solid one and a divorce seems unlikely.

Namrata Shirdokar and Mahesh Babu were together for five years before they married in 2005. Namrata later said in an interview that they sat down and laid out what they wanted in a relationship in 2003, when it became clear that they were serious about each other and would likely get married in the future.

Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh Babu at an Awards

She also said that Mahesh had made it clear that he didn’t want a working wife. Namrata was an actress, but she essentially retired in 2006, about a year into their marriage, likely fulfilling a few contractual obligations before actually quitting life as an actress.

She was never a megastar like her husband, who is the biggest star in the Telugu film industry, otherwise known as Tollywood. She has been very supportive of his career and is probably one of his biggest fans by default. She adores her husband, who is two years younger, and the only work she does nowadays is in support of his career. Otherwise she is a fulltime mother to their two children.

Mahesh Babu & Namrata Shirodkar in a movie still

In 2008/09 the two hit a bit of a rough patch. Namrata lost her parents, Mahesh his grandmother, their son was barely a year old, and Mahesh found his career unsatisfying. Mahesh had trouble deciding what to do next.

Consequently around that time there were rumours that the two might be headed for divorce, that there was indeed trouble in paradise. But they worked through it. Namrata, ever supportive, kept her man grounded and Mahesh eventually decided to take the path that would indeed make him the biggest name in the Telugu film industry.

On the outside their marriage is a very traditional one. Nowadays not many modern women in the west would consider giving up their career, because their future husband doesn’t want his wife to work. But for Namrata it seems to work and she is, by all her own accounts, a very happy mother and wife. Given that Mahesh was very clear upfront, she would have to have agreed to give up her career before getting married as well. It was a conscious decision and she was free to take it or find another man.

Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh Babu look not so pleased

According to Namrata Mahesh is the one who decides important stuff, though he is also the one to spoil their children whilst Namrata is a little stricter with them. Since she is the one looking after them for the majority of the time, this is hardly surprising.

She calls their marriage a normal one. The couple has the same problems any other couple has and their relationship is not free from flaws. But it works for them and they make it work, staying grounded despite Mahesh’s fame and the money that comes with his success.

As long as those two stay on the same page, there is no reason to assume that divorce will ever become an issue. They have just celebrated their 11th anniversary, which makes them a young couple still and much more water has to flow down the Thames before they can be said to have weathered any and all storms.


Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh Babu at IIFA Awards