A year after her divorce Morgan Beck married again, but has since been battling her new husband’s baggage

Morgan Beck married young when she married for the first time. After four years she divorced and now she is married again with a baby on the way. Divorce finalized in 2011

Success seems to come much easier to Morgan Beck than perfect happiness in her relationships. When you look at Morgan’s current marriage to Bode Miller, her first marriage is almost a footnote.

Apparently Morgan first got in touch with her first husband via Facebook, because they shared a few mutual friends. They were both volleyball players at the time and on their way to becoming very successful. He was already playing professionally in Italy whilst Morgan was still playing for her college team.

That was in 2006.

Their courtship evolved on Facebook and eventually the two became inseparable. They married in 2007.

Next thing we know, they were divorced in 2011. We also know that Morgan had made a name for herself not only as a star volleyball player, but also as a model. The combination of being blond, athletic and 6”3 was a recipe for success.

Morgan Beck and Bode Millerr share a laugh

It’s easy to assume that the couple simply drifted apart. They both had busy careers to work on and given that they married young, they may not have put the necessary effort into keeping their relationship alive. Career often comes first when you’re in your twenties and especially when your age, physical fitness and perhaps your beauty are factors in your career.

Given the lack of news about the divorce it was probably an amicable situation without major fights.

Morgan, certainly the more famous of the two, moved on to dating Bode Miller, ski professional and Olympic champion. They were engaged and then married in 2012. Morgan didn’t waste much time between marriages, though it’s on record that she was initially reluctant to get married again.

Morgan Beck and Bode Millerr out on a cruise

Apparently Bode had to put in a bit of work to convince her over the course of a few months to marry him, which eventually she agreed to.

Miller already had a child with one woman and another one was on the way with yet another woman when he married Morgan. Miller has a bad boy reputation for a reason and must’ve been quite a playboy before getting together with Morgan, whom he called “the one” when he announced his engagement via Twitter.

But it wasn’t love just for Miller. Morgan must have been (and still is) just as smitten with him, because she stood by him in the custody battle, which turned public and very nasty, over his newborn son with Sara McKenna. Accusations have been flying since before the boy was born.

Morgan Beck and Bode Millerr play with Nate

Why Morgan and Miller insisted on taking the boy from his mother, who already lost a daughter two days after a premature birth, is difficult to understand.

McKenna did not appear to be an unfit mother, but moving to the other side of the country whilst still pregnant, effectively taking the child from its father, was certainly not a great move either.

Meanwhile Morgan miscarried a child in 2013. That loss should have given her some perspective on what it might mean to McKenna to lose her child, but apparently not.

In November 2014 the custody battle was finally settled, but not to anyone’s satisfaction. Whilst McKenna calls the boy Sam, Miller calls him Nate. They both get to see him and spend time with him, but the relationship is acrimonious and will be potentially damaging to the boy.

In December Morgan and Miller confirmed that they are expecting as well.

One must hope that things will settle down. Actually raising a child together with a partner may give Miller a new perspective, which may be beneficial for his other children. Morgan has at least a husband she loves and will be a mother soon as well.

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