Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom – another Hollywood romance ends in divorce

After three years of marriage the couple announces their separation. Yet they remain close, and friendlier than can be said for most other ex-couples.

They met late in 2007 and Orlando Bloom had to ask Miranda Kerr’s agent for her phone number, because she wouldn’t give it to him, since she was seeing somebody else at the time. Clearly his persistence paid off, because they were quickly presumed a couple and stepped out officially together in spring of 2008, breaking countless hearts of men and women around the world.

Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr-the Oh so hot couple!

The dream couple were as inseparable as they could be given their busy careers and lives, and in June 2010 the two announced their engagement. In July it was revealed that they had married in secret already,but no further details were given. Living the glamorous life out in the public eye, they perhaps wanted to keep something as special as a wedding simply to themselves. And who could blame them? We’ve just seen George Clooney and his Amal do the complete opposite, which is another strategy entirely.

As a celebrity you usually only have three options: hide, cope, or go all out. We know a few long-lasting marriages of Hollywood A-listers that have chosen the first option. Not much is ever heard of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson unless they’re stepping out for a premier or an awards show. Most celebrity couples choose to cope with public curiosity, and some go all out, like George and Amal did.

For Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr it seems to have been a mix. They married in secret and ran off for their honeymoon to celebrate in private. At all other times they coped with the constant entourage of paparazzi and kept on living their lives as best as possible.

In 2011 they welcomed son Flynn and all was well in the world.

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom Wedding

But since the beginning of 2013 there were rumors of trouble in paradise. Both of them and everyone else around them vehemently denied that anything was wrong in the relationship and the couple made a point of stepping out together and showing their love for each other whenever possible.

They were photographed together frequently and everything seemed perfectly fine between the pair. It turns out, though, that they knew quite well how to fool onlookers. When they announced their split on October 24, 2013, their statement said that they had already been amicably separated for a few months and only then decided to formalize the split.

Clearly they knew how to keep the most private things between them indeed private. Whatever else one may think, that certainly deserves some respect given how hard it is to achieve even a modicum of privacy when you live your life in the public eye.

It also means that they were completely genuine when they said that they continued to love and respect each other. And as always, when children are involved, they declared their commitment to their son Flynn, who knows nothing but love.

Given how strong their relationship seems to be post-split, it is even sadder to acknowledge that they are no longer together. They would have had their issues, and busy schedules as well as long spells of separation due to their very different work commitments would have aggravated the situation for them, eventually culminating in the inevitable realization that they were no longer the couple that they used to be. At that point then, they probably just realized that there was no point in continuing a marriage, but that didn’t mean that the love just ended.

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom with their son Flynn

Yes, there were rumors that Miranda was fed up with Orlando’s partying. But mostly only one incident seems to be cited here (a dinner party in New Zealand hosted by Sir Ian McKellan), which hardly qualifies as partying. Despite what “sources” close to either one of them say, if Orlando Bloom has a drinking or a partying problem, or both perhaps, he’s kept it mostly to himself and is not often seen doing much of either.

It is also doubtful that Miranda would indeed continue to love and respect him, let alone expose their son to him, if he were truly such a mess.

The one strange thing in their separation is this: neither of them seems to have filed for divorce yet. There’s no official record of it and they are each currently simply listed as “separated”, but not divorced. Whilst there is little chance that they are actually getting back together again, both being linked to other people every now and then, though nothing is solid yet, it does make one wonder what they are waiting for.

Perhaps they are already divorced, just as secretly as they were married. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if that turns out to be the case.

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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom spend time together with baby Flynn

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Love is in the air for Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom