Mike Ribeiro hit rock bottom divorcing Tamara – picking himself up, they are married once more

Mike Ribeiro, bad boy of the NHL, was divorced by wife Tamara and hit rock bottom personally and in his career. When he and Tamara reconciled and remarried, he vowed to change his ways.

Divorce finalized in 2010

Mike Ribeiro has been NHL’s bad boy since his early days as a playmaker at the Canadiens. Whilst he admitted that his first-born Mikael and his then girlfriend Tamara kept him on the straighter and narrower than he would otherwise have been, he still partied a lot.

Tamara Williams and Mike Ribeiro wedding

Mike and Tamara married for the first time in 2005 and had two more children, another son and one daughter. Mike was and is a good father, but admitted that he wasn’t always a good husband. His partying and drinking didn’t help and it hurt his career.

He was dedicated on the ice, a passionate player, but off the ice his behaviour was frowned upon and eventually it led to him being bought out of his 4-year and $22 million contract with the Phoenix Coyotes – after only one year of playing for them. Behavioural issues were cited as the reason.

In 2010, long before that, Tamara had enough and divorced Mike. It was then that Ribeiro truly hit rock bottom, but it wasn’t enough to change his ways just yet. Instead he partied harder than ever, drank more, abused drugs and became lonely and depressed.

Tamara Williams and Mike Ribeiro cozying

Ultimately he managed to win Tamara back, however, and the two remarried in 2013. Yet his bad days weren’t quite over and when his career hit rock bottom with the Coyotes buy-out, he finally signed up to the NHL substance abuse program.

When he came out of rehab his wife and children were waiting for him and he has been with his family ever since.

He’s been asked and interviewed often about his troubled past and admitted that it took him ten years to tackle the problem. He grew up partying and it seems as if it was all he had ever known. His family wasn’t enough to keep him from straying, but eventually he wanted to be a better father to his children, which meant that they shouldn’t remember him as a drug abusing party animal.

And clearly his wife deserved a better husband as well.

We don’t actually know how he managed to get her back, but it seems she never really stopped loving him, otherwise it would have been impossible. At 35, it seems Mike Ribeiro is finally getting his act together. His career is thriving once more, his wife and children are by his side and as long as he can keep himself on his current path, there should be no second divorce in his future.

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Tamara Williams and Mike Ribeiro-the newly weds!

Tamara Williams and Mike Ribeiro dayout

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