Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood face divorce rumours over baby – after birth happier than ever?

First Mike Fisher’s and Carried Underwood’s relationship is strained for the lack of a baby and then because he wants another one? But five years into their marriage there’s no divorce in sight.

Carrie Underwood married Mike Fisher more than five years ago now. But even their young marriage has seen a fair share of divorce rumours and probably not without reason. Simply being well-known is certainly one of the reasons, however, and not exactly a good one.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher feast

She started dating the NHL player in late 2008 and they were engaged in 2009, but had their first public appearance together only in 2010. Clearly these two weren’t rushing things and it would also appear that every step in their relationship has been rather deliberate.

Carrie is a practicing Christian, which makes marriage but not divorce likely.

Rumours about a rift between the couple first showed up early in 2014. At that time it was said that Mike wanted to start a family, but Carrie wasn’t ready yet. It’s never good to fight over having children, but was there ever any doubt that Carrie would want some eventually?

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher at a red carpet event

She’s still only 32 and became pregnant when she was 31. At arguably the height of her career a child might not be the first thing on her mind.

But eventually she did get pregnant and then it was said that she was freaking out over gaining weight and sticking to her vegetarian diet. Apparently things got so bad again once more that she considered divorce even before the baby was born.

Is that truly likely? Divorcing her supportive husband over her own body-image issues?

Be that as it may, they obviously didn’t divorce then, which doesn’t add any credence to the rumours. But once more a baby is at the centre of the next round of divorce rumours. This time hubby Mike is the one causing trouble in paradise, because he allegedly wants more children and he wants them to be close in age.

Few women tend to think of the next pregnancy right after giving birth. Few women would consider divorcing their husbands simply because he wants more children, however, not even this close to the first one.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher at an event

In fact, most new fathers also tend to be too overwhelmed with their new family member to consider another child anytime soon either. Most couples planning for a family will settle on the number of children they want and when to have them. Some let nature take course and simply start trying for children whenever the mood strikes, but that’s rarely the case right after giving birth.

Even if the subject came up between them, it’s unlikely that it ended in a serious discussion. A baby certainly takes its toll on its parents.

In the most recent interview Carrie has given, which is just about to be published in People magazine, she admits that their son has changed the dynamic between her and Mike. And that they now have to work even harder at not losing themselves as a couple (or even individuals). But the two seem happier than ever and there’s certainly no indication that a divorce is anywhere near the horizon.

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