Only three years after marrying Lauren Skaar, (“the one”), Michael Vartan is now headed for divorce

Michael Vartan and Lauren Skaar married in 2011. Michael considered her “the one”, but after just three years Lauren Skaar filed for divorce.

Michael Vartan met now estranged wife Lauren in a parking lot at Whole Foods in 2009. Apparently Michael did some calculated “stalking” before he actually approached her. But he didn’t win her over right away. She didn’t give him her number, but she did take his email address. It took another couple of months before they actually started dating.


Perhaps she didn’t recognize him. Michael is not exactly a celebrity, but as an actor he had some pretty successful gigs, notably Alias opposite Jennifer Garner. Lately he’s been in Bates Motel and he has been steadily working as an actor throughout his career.

We don’t know how Lauren came to decide that she would give him a chance after all, but eventually she did and less than a year later, the couple was engaged. Michael was over-the-moon happy at the time. He said that one day he just knew that Lauren was “the one” for him and that he couldn’t imagine his life without her anymore. So he popped the question and she said yes.

The pair was married in April 2011. Michael said his family was thrilled for him and that his mother had already started bugging him about grandchildren.


But those grandchildren never came and in July 2014 the impending divorce of the couple made the news. Lauren was the one who filed it and she did so without an attorney, merely citing the perfunctory ‘irreconcilable differences’. She also requested spousal support.

Neither Lauren nor Michael have in any way been forthcoming about the details of their split. What led to it is a complete mystery to anyone outside their relationship. Given how happy he was and how he thought she was the one for him, it seems a rather sad outcome after only three years.

How long have they been having troubles? Did they work on them? Was marriage counselling an option? Doesn’t it seem too soon to give on the marriage? Well, it’s now been almost a year since the divorce was filed and apparently it hasn’t been finalized yet.

Divorce is never easy and who can say how amicable theirs is? Lauren is a real estate agent; as such she’s not really pursued by the media to give a statement, which is just as well for her. Looking in from the outside, there is no real change apparent that may have affected the couple’s relationship. Perhaps Lauren did want children, but it never happened. Perhaps she realized that marrying an actor was not her cup of tea after all.

Unless Michael speaks out about his divorce, we will likely never know. There may be more news coming once the divorce has been finalized. But until then it remains a mystery.