Mena Suvari may not be up for a third marriage after being divorced twice already

At 37 years old, Mena Suvari has been married and divorced twice and says all her exes ended up hating her. That doesn’t bode well for a new relationship or even a third marriage.

Divorce finalized in October 2012

The first time Mena Suvari walked down the aisle was in 2000. She was only 21 year old then and her husband-to-be was German cinematographer Robert Brinkmann, who was 17 years older than Mena.

Mena Suvari with first boyfriend Robert Brinkmann

Whilst we don’t know why the couple broke up in 2005, the age difference may have had something to do with that. Someone in his early forties has very different ideas about how he wants to live his life than someone in her mid-twenties.

Mena hasn’t really spoken about the split, but she once said that all her exes ended up hating her. Whilst that seems hard to believe, one wonders what’s happening here.

In 2007 she met Simone Sestito, who’s a promoter and concert producer. They met at the Toronto Film Festival and started dating. In June 2008 they were engaged, but at the time they said they were in no hurry to get married. They wanted to plan the wedding, which eventually took place in Rome two years later. Interestingly Simone is seven years younger than Mena, which makes one wonder if she thought that this reversal might be more beneficial for a last relationship.

That doesn’t seem to have been the case however and only a year and a half after the wedding, Mena filed for divorce. Her second marriage ended much sooner than her first.

Mena Suvari with second husband Simone Sestito

She cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing and listed the separated date as the 1st November 2011. That means the marriage was essentially over after only 16 months.

Again, we don’t know what happened. We only know what followed and that wasn’t pleasant. Simone demanded a hefty $17,000 in monthly spousal support. He claimed that his private and business accounts were empty and that Mena made $750,000 a year. It seems his business wasn’t going so well and he didn’t want to give up the perks of the life he had shared with Mena.

Mena didn’t agree and for a time their divorce fight turned pretty nasty. In May 2012 it was reported that the two had come to an agreement outside of court. Mena didn’t want to fight with her estranged husband. What that agreement looked like is unclear, however. Oddly enough all this indicates that the couple hadn’t signed a prenup.

Mena Suvari with boyfriend and tattoo artist Salvador Sanchez

The divorce was only finalized in October 2012 and both Mena and Simone had officially waived their right to spousal support. That doesn’t mean that Simone walked away empty-handed. But again, we don’t know the details.

Instead of mourning the end of her marriage, Mena went on to dating tattoo artist Salvador Sanchez. The pair made the news, because Salvador is even shorter than Mena, who only stands at 5ft 3in (or 161cm) herself. The woman sure has an interesting taste in men.

The two were an item at least until mid-2014, but there’s nothing recent on them. Mena’s last public appearance was in Germany at a fashion event and she seemed very much single there.

Whether she’s in a relationship or not, she seems happy at the moment and is probably not looking to get married again anytime soon. After two failed marriages she might want to give it more consideration before she takes the plunge again.


Mena Suvari and Simone Sestito hot photoshhot

Mena Suvari and Simone Sestito snapped at an event

Mena Suvari and Salvador Sanchez dayout

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