Melissa Gilbert marries for a third time two years after her second divorce

Melissa Gilbert met and adored ex-husband Bruce Boxleitner long before they were married. But after sixteen years of marriage she filed for divorce. Now she’s married again. Divorce was finalized by the end of 2011.

Melissa Gilbert seems to only ever have dated other actors (with one notable exception), been engaged to a few and eventually married three of them. In succession, to be sure, not at the same time.

Bo Brinkman-Melissa Gilbert's first husband

She was first married to Bo Brinkman with whom she had one son. Prior to that she was almost married to Rob Lowe, but apparently he called it off when he found out about her pregnancy, which she miscarried after the split. That little story doesn’t shine a very favorable light on Mr. Lowe, but he and Melissa were still very young at the time and if the story is indeed true, he wouldn’t be the first young man to panic at the prospect of becoming a father.

Be that as it may.

It was Bruce Boxleitner’s ex-wife who set Melissa up with him. They dated for about a year and were apparently engaged twice before going down the aisle. It was Bruce who broke off both engagements and it seems a surprise that the couple ever married at all after so much back and forth.

But once they were married they seemed very happy and managed to stay married for sixteen years, adding another son to the three they already shared between them. And then, early in 2011, the couple announced their split. This was followed in August by Melissa filing officially for divorce.

Melissa Gilbert & Timothy Busfield at the LA mission xmas eve

What led to the divorce nobody but the two people involved in it know. Apart from those ‘irreconcilable differences’ neither Melissa nor Bruce have spoken about the reasons for their divorce. But there also doesn’t seem to be any dirt involved. Perhaps the couple just ended up growing apart.

Melissa did go on record saying that the aftermath of the split and going through the divorce had been hard on her. Just prior to being on Dancing with the Stars she would not have been able to be part of the show, because she had been too caught up in the divorce, which she had been so down about that she barely left the house at that time.

Clearly it was an upsetting experience and she also said that it had been hard on the kids. Her son with Bruce was underage at the time and would have felt the impact of his parent’s divorce most acutely. She also admitted that she and Bruce both had their ‘moments’, probably referring to instances of discontent between the estranged couple.

Melissa Gilbert link up with Thierry Gauchet

In the end the divorce appears to have been resolved amicably by the end of 2011. Melissa moved on to dating Thierry Gauchet, a multi-millionaire playboy, whom she was linked to for a little while and apparently quite smitten with. But they broke it off and in January 2013 Melissa surprised everyone by announcing her engagement to actor Timothy Busfield.

The two have known each other for about twenty years. Working in the same industry they naturally crossed paths every once in a while. Three months after the announcement the pair tied the knot at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara.

Let’s hope it will be the last marriage for both of them, it is not just the third one for Melissa, but for Timothy as well.

Bruce Boxleitner, meanwhile, seems to concentrate on his acting career and is not currently known to be dating anyone.


Melissa Gilbert with her current husband Timothy Bustfield

Melissa Gilbert wedding with Timothy Bustfield

Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe hugging


Melissa Gilbert  and Bruce Boxleitner happy times

Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner at an event

Melissa Gilbert & Bruce Boxleitner at an Awards function