Melanie Sykes is twice divorced and says she will never marry again – and perhaps she shouldn’t

Melanie Sykes likes to be in love, but marriage doesn’t seem to suit her. Her first marriage ended because of money issues and the second seemed to have been a sham all along.

Divorce finalized in June 2009

Melanie Sykes was first married in January 2001 to Daniel Caltagirone, who is several years her junior and an actor. The two had two sons during their eight-year marriage. Whilst Melanie’s career was mostly successful throughout that marriage, her talk show was axed in 2006, much to her distress.

Melanie Sykes with ex husband Daniel Caltagirone

Daniel was not exactly a successful actor. Apart from one big stint in the Leo DiCaprio movie The Beach, he has only had small roles in low-budget productions. Needless to say that the financial strain their stagnating careers caused was considerable.

Melanie appears to be an ambitious woman, but Daniel didn’t seem to share that ambition. Whilst their split and subsequent divorce has been blamed on their financial issues and Melanie’s frustration with Daniel, who wasn’t pulling his weight or didn’t even seem fully cognisant of the severity of the situation, it has been said that the two had been growing apart even before that.

Their divorce was finalized in June 2009 and the two decided on joint custody. Melanie only looked forward to having their financial ties severed, which almost seems to indicate that there were not financial provisions made. It was said that the two wanted to remain friends for the sake of their sons and it’s never been reported that the two had an acrimonious split.

Jack Cockings-Melanie Sykes second husband

Melanie’s relationship to her second husband Jack Cockings began on Twitter in 2012. He flirted with her, then she flirted back. Then things got out of hand rather quickly and publicly, when the two sent each other steamy messages.

Within eight month of their first contact on Twitter the two were not only engaged but married. Melanie professed that she loves being in love. She also favours younger men, who are not intimidated by an independent woman such as herself. And she thinks they are more fun.

But there wasn’t a lot of fun between the two.

According to Jack, Melanie became abusive toward him as soon as they were on their honeymoon in Mexico. She had been very drunk at the time and perhaps the alcohol lowered her inhibitions. Why she would have been abusive is a mystery, however.

Jack Cockings and Melanie Sykes dayout

Before the couple officially split, only 7 months into their marriage, Jack made several allusions on Twitter that all was not well, even posting a picture of himself with a bloody gash on his forehead.

When he called the police on her, because she attacked him, she was detained by police and later given a caution for common assault. For some reason Melanie was able to have that record later removed, however. But Jack maintains that the police took pictures of his throat and neck, which bore marks from her assault.

Eventually divorce proceedings were initiated, but it’s not quite clear if and when the divorce has been finalized as there are no news to be found. Apparently it was not possible to finalize the divorce before November 2015, but there are no recent records that it has now been finalized.

What appears to be known, however, is that both Jack and Melanie agreed never to speak of their marriage again, especially not publicly. Melanie doesn’t really seem to have addressed the rumours of spousal abuse, however. She seems to treat the marriage nowadays as if it never happened. According to Jack she did once say to him that the whole thing had been a publicity stunt. It’s safe to say that she certainly did receive publicity, though hardly of the desirable kind.

Jack has vanished into obscurity and Melanie continues to raise her two sons and pursue her TV career reasonably successfully. She said in an interview that she would never get married again and given what we know about her previous marriages, that’s just as well. She doesn’t really seem marriage material.

Melanie Sykes and Jack Cockings look stunning together

Melanie Sykes and Jack Cockings nightout

Melanie Sykes and Jack Cockings holding hands

Melanie Sykes and Daniel Caltagirone look glam


Melanie Sykes and Jack Cockings snapped at an event

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