Mel Gibson’s divorce from Robyn Moore cost him more than just money

They separated after 26 years of marriage. Mel Gibson’s divorce from Robyn Moore was the most expensive Hollywood has ever seen after being married a total of 31 years. Divorce finalized December 2011

They had one of the longest lasting and apparently stable marriages in Hollywood, but when Mel Gibson was arrested for a DUI in August 2006, Robyn decided that enough was enough and separated from her husband of 26 years.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore look happy

The two met in 1977 soon after Mel had filmed the first Mad Max movie and was still virtually unknown. Robyn was a dental nurse at the time. The two married in June 1980, their first child was born the same year.

The couple ended up having another six children. Given how deeply religious they both are, this is hardly a surprise. But whilst Mel is Roman Catholic, his ex-wife Robyn is Episcopalian.

Mel once said that Robyn was a saint and very observant, apparently she was also the stricter of the two when it came to following their religion; though it cannot be said that Mel does not have very strong religious beliefs.

The sanctity of marriage, however, was not enough for those two to remain a couple. It is, perhaps, not entirely surprising that it was Robyn who separated from Mel. It does not appear to have been a mutual decision. Apparently Robyn did not want alcohol in the house and did not want it to impair the family life. It must have been a last straw when Mel was arrested for a DUI. Whilst it was never explicitly said, it would appear she simply wanted to protect her children, though Mel was certainly never accused of having been a bad father.

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Robyn didn’t file for divorce right away. That last step was perhaps the hardest one for her to take. But take it she did. It took the appearance of images showing Mel embracing his new girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva for Robyn to file for divorce in April 2009 citing, as is often the case, irreconcilable differences. Obviously the marriage was well and truly over at that point anyway, perhaps Robyn realized then that she needed to let Mel go.

Mel and Robyn had always led a private life and marriage, only ever appearing on the red carpet together. During their separation they remained just as private and, unsurprisingly, they asked for privacy during their divorce as well. For the most part they succeeded. But a series of unfortunate events involving Mel and his then-girlfriend Oksana, left the actor worse for wear and with a very public mess on his hands.

Mel and Oksana remained a couple long enough to have daughter Lucia together. But they split in 2010 and Oksana filed a restraining order against Mel, disallowing him contact to their daughter as well, though that was amended the very next day. Mel responded by filing his own restraining order against his ex.

Oksana Grigorie & Mel Gibson at a movie premiere

Next Oksana alleged that Mel had committed acts of domestic violence against her, which prompted a police investigation. When audio recordings emerged in which Mel Gibson apparently ranted against Oksana, threatening violence, he seemed to have hit a new low.

Whilst the validity of some of the tapes were later questioned and Mel went on record saying that the tapes had been edited and were taken out of context, showcasing one terrible moment in time only, his reputation was badly damaged. His ex-wife, however, filed a court statement in Mel’s defence, declaring that he had never abused her in any way and that he had always been a good father. Whoopi Goldberg and Jodie Foster also both spoke out in his defence.

In the end Mel pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge. He conceded that he had made mistakes. He also conceded that he was to blame for the end of his marriage, which was formally dissolved in December 2011.

Having married young, Robyn and Mel never had a pre-nup, which meant that she was entitled to half of everything he owned. And half of everything she received, not just of Mel’s past earnings, but also of his retirement fund and all future earnings.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore at an event

Having turned into a PR nightmare, Mel was dropped by his agency and his movie career seemed just about over as well. In several interviews since his separation from Robyn, Mel has been quite candid about his failings as a husband, his problems with alcohol and a whole barrage of inappropriate behavior, some widely considered as anti-Semitic, which earned him much condemnation.

Admirably he owned everything he had said at some point, apologized profusely and took extensive steps in making amends. He also went to rehab for his alcohol problems and participated in self-help programs beyond what was actually required of him.

Lately it seems that Hollywood might be on the path to forgiving Mel Gibson. He had a supporting role in The Expendables 3, will be directing a movie called Hacksaw Bridge and may well be collaborating with his friend Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man 4. He appeared to be quite happy when he was last seen out and about. And happily single at that.

His ex-wife Robyn seems to shun the limelight these days. She still has an underage boy to look after. Given that she spoke out in her ex-husband’s favor, she may not hold a grudge against him. Since they’re both parenting their children, underage or not, Mel and Robyn would still be in regular contact, remaining as private as ever.

As for ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva: she’s certainly not in the best place. After rejecting a settlement of at least $15 Million, apparently in the hope to get more out of him, she was awarded only $750,000, which was supposed to be paid out in instalments, the last of which she has now forfeited after breaking a confidentiality agreement during a Howard Stern interview.

It was also recently reported that she had filed for bankruptcy. Given that she receives monthly child support from Mel Gibson and Timothy Dalton for her two children, one wonders what happens to the money. Most people don’t need $22,500 a month. Needless to say that she can’t use the child support money to get herself out of her troubles. It does seem a rather sad state of affairs with her, but it would also seem that she chose this path for herself.


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