Megan Fox and Brian A. Green shelve their divorce now that baby number 3 is under way

Megan Fox and Brian A. Green have been a couple since 2004, though they’ve split in 2009 and reconciled in 2010, when they were married. Last year Megan filed for divorce, which has been shelved now that she is pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Megan Fox was 18 when she started dating Brian Austin Green in 2004. The two were engaged in 2006, at a time when Megan’s star was just beginning to rise. In 2007 she appeared in the first Transformers movie. Whilst few consider her a talented actor, she has at least a lot of sex appeal that gets her plenty of attention – an image she herself helped to create, though she regrets that now.

Megan Fox and Brian A. Green party hard

In 2009 news emerged that Megan and Brian had ended their engagement. Nowadays this sounds more like an unconfirmed rumour, because the two were continuously seen together even after their presumed separation. In 2010 they were not only engaged again, it was also the year they got married.

Despite what it looks like from the outside looking in, Megan and Brian seem to make a good match. She’s always been much more mature than guys her age and Brian has already been the young hotshot (when he was on 90210 in the 90s), which is where Megan was at in her career when the couple married. And no matter what Megan’s public image may be like, she is also known as a tough woman, who speaks her mind and won’t take anything from anyone.

Megan Fox and Brian A. Green look great together

For five years the couple was seemingly happy, going through ups and downs in their careers, bringing two boys into the world and being envied by onlookers. In December 2014 the couple were in a head-on car accident. Whilst they were both uninjured per se, Brian has been said to be suffering from vertigo ever since. It’s been crippling at times and it has prevented him from working as much as he would have liked.

Since Megan was cast in the reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she’s been the main bread winner in the family. And, of course, that has given cause to the speculation that Brian felt emasculated which is presumably one of the reasons they split in June 2015 and officially announced their separation in August.

Selfie time for Megan Fox and Brian A. Green

Despite announcing their separation, the two remained living in the same house, most likely for the sake of their two young sons. But even after Megan filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences, nothing much changed in how she and Brian treated each other – at least as far as anyone was able to observe.

Suggestions that things might turn sour were made when Brian also filed for divorce, requesting joint legal and physical custody (similar to what Megan had requested), but also asking for spousal support. That confirmed that Brian had nowhere near the income Megan had. Some took that as a reason to believe that the disparity had something to do with their split.

However, there was apparently no prenup when the couple was married, which means that under Californian law all assets accumulated during their marriage would be split 50/50 anyways. In that regard Brian would be pretty safe without needing additional spousal support.

Brian A. Green and Megan Fox dayout

Be that as it may, no nastiness ensued and Megan and Brian continued to be seen together, though for the most part they were accompanied by their sons.

Since the beginning of the year it has been speculated that the couple might be reconciling, since there was little apparent movement in their divorce. When Megan debuted a baby bump in April, pretty much everyone was shocked. Some wondered if another man might be the father, but Brian essentially claimed fatherhood when he said that he will soon have three babies (three children under the age of 4 in any case) at the age of nearly 43.

Given that Megan once said that she doesn’t sleep around, would never consider a one-night-stand and only gets intimate with someone when she loves them, it would seem highly unlikely that anyone but Brian could be the baby daddy.

And indeed, on a recent holiday to Hawaii, Brian lovingly touched Megan’s baby belly, confirming once and for all that he was the father and nobody else.

There has been no official confirmation that Brian and Megan are back together for good. All signs indicate as much, but it has also been said that the divorce is off at least until the baby is born. Some claim that the couple wants to give their marriage another chance for the sake of their children.

Alas, as long as the roots of their problems aren’t addressed or resolved, a baby may only serve as a temporary band aid. There’s no telling if Megan and Brian will truly be able to continue happily ever after, but at least they are willing to try. And since they have kept things incredibly amicable since their split was first announced, there may be hope after all.


Megan Fox and Brian A. Green cozying

An expecting Megan Fox and Brian A. Green

Megan Fox and Brian A. Green snapped at an event

Brian A. Green and Megan Fox dineout

Megan Fox and Brian A. Green being snapped

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