Three years after her divorce McKenzie Westmore is engaged again

McKenzie Westmore was married to Keith Volpone for seven years. They have been divorced for three years and now McKenzie is engaged once more.

Divorce finalized in June 2011

McKenzie Westmore’s claim to fame is a long stint on the soap opera Passions and a guest role in All My Children. But she has had many smaller roles in a number of well-known TV shows and has been hosting the reality TV show Face Off for some time now as well.

Keith Volpone & McKenzie Westmore announce their good news

It was on Passions that she met first husband Keith Volpone, who had a special guest role with his band. According to McKenzie it was love at first sight. They married in 2002 in Las Vegas, but had planned to have a proper wedding a year later as well. It’s not known if they ever went ahead with those plans, however.

Judging by images that exist of the two, they seem to have been quite happy. Son Maddox was born in the second year of their marriage and family bliss was complete.

McKenzie has always been steadily employed in the TV industry. She is reasonably well known among fans of her various shows. The same cannot be said for her husband Keith, who also goes by the name of Seven Williams as a singer. The two bands Keith was a part of, Seven and the Sun and Whiskey Falls, only brought out one album eachas well as several singles, suggesting that Keith was nowhere near as successful in his line of work as his wife was.

Obviously McKenzie’s income was certainly enough for the family to live comfortably, but the question is whether Keith’s lack of success has had something to do with their separation and subsequent divorce. It seems the likeliest explanation. The divorce would have been reasonably amicable and appears to have been settled without issues. McKenzie never made any mention that the opposite might be the case. And nothing has been reported in any of the usual celebrity magazines to suggest anything else.


In June 2011 their love story came to an end. Son Maddox became McKenzie’s main man in her life and she always speaks of him adoringly.

At almost 38 McKenzie is certainly not ready to give up on love however. A year ago she announced her engagement to Patrick Tatopolous, who’s been a judge on her show Face Off. Their romance would have developed rather quietly behind the scenes, because news of their engagement caused surprise among her fans.

McKenzie seems to be happy and it would appear that soon enough she will be married once more. Hopefully this time it will last forever.


McKenzie Westmore with her second husband Patrick Tatopolous

McKenzie Westmore and Patrick Tatopolous snapped at a red carpet eventMcKenzie Westmore and Patrick Tatopolous inside a wildlife refuge

Patrick Tatopolous and McKenzie Westmore look stunning

McKenzie Westmore and Patrick Tatopolousat at a movie premiereMcKenzie Westmore and Keith Volpone pose for a photoshoot

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