How Mayim Bialik had to get divorced twice from Michael Stone

She’s an actress and a neuroscientist, a mother of two and now divorced for the first and hopefully only time. Mayim Bialik had a private marriage, but an outspoken divorce. Divorce was finalized in May 2013

Mayim Bialik married Michael Stone in a Victorian-themed ceremony on August 31, 2003, with everyone decked out in traditional Jewish costumes. Though born into a Mormon family, Stone converted to Judaism. During their marriage the couple had two sons, one born in 2005, the other following in 2008.

Mayim Bialik with ex-hubby Michael Stone

Given that their marriage lasted nine years, it would have had to have been successful for a good portion of it. They raised their children in accordance with the attachment method, which takes a lot of commitment to the children and to each other. Private time for the parents is a rather rare occurrence, which can certainly take its toll on the relationship.

But Mayim made clear in her initial statement announcing the couple’s divorce that their parenting approach had no part in their decision to divorce. Since she chose to raise the subject, however, others chose to pounce on it, trying to explain what role attachment parenting might have played in the divorce after all.

When your children are your main focus, to a point that they share their parent’s bed or, as Mayim once acknowledged, the parents sleeping each with one of the children, then the relationship between husband and wife cannot but suffer. Eventually the closeness to your children supersedes that to your significant other, which does not sound like a great way to lead your marriage.

Michael Stone & Mayim Bialik wedding

With only two people inside of a marriage, who really knows why they’re divorcing and what ultimately led to it, everyone outside of it can speculate as much as they want. Mayim and Michael led a private marriage. Mayim, though a successful actress, was never a celebrity. She left the limelight to pursue a neuroscience degree and likely spent enough time in privacy to come to cherish it, especially growing up as a child actress.

When she announced in November 2012 that they were set to divorce, she acknowledged the painfulness of a divorce, but stressed how privacy had always been important to her and Michael, and that it would continue to be.

If attachment parenting played a role or not, the two are now most definitely divorced and one is inclined to wonder if the strong attachment they pursued with their children did not result in a detachment of the parents.

She ended up blogging about her experience going through this divorce, but not so much to dish on private details or their marriage. It was more about the process they had to go through. Being legally divorced and recognized as such by the state of California did not mean they were also divorced through their faith. As Jews they also had to go through a religious process, thousands of years old, called ‘Get’, something Mayim called a cathartic and emotional experience.

Michael Stone and Mayim Bialik with their kids

Whatever led to the divorce, this ex-couple at least did it right. They didn’t drag the proceedings out unnecessarily, no dirty laundry was pulled out, their children remained their primary focus throughout, and all assets were split in half, with each of them getting one of the two family homes.

It is Mayim’s stated hope that her sons will continue to grow and be cherished in two loving homes from here on in. The ex-couple has certainly laid a good foundation for that to be the case.


Mayim Bialik with ex-husband Michael Stone

Mayim Bialik with her kids