Matthew Wright knew he wanted to marry his second wife Amelia Gatte when she nearly died

Matthew Wright went through one bitter divorce and even though he fell in love again, he didn’t think he would marry again. But when he nearly lost his then-girlfriend, he knew he didn’t want to live without her.

We don’t know much about Matthew Wright’s first wife. They divorced in 2000 and according to him it was an acrimonious divorce battle. He has spoken about his first marriage in passing, but one gets the impression that it’s not a topic he tends to dwell on.

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In fact, after his bitter divorce, he never wanted to get married again.

From past comments one may want to guess that money was a bit of an issue in his first marriage. Matthew said that his wife started her own PR firm as soon as they had married. But that didn’t actually work out. And since she didn’t return to work after that, it was up to him to pay all the bills, even though the two continued with separate accounts.

He also said that he had a significant credit card debt by the time the marriage was over and he used some of the money from the sale of their marital home to pay off that debt.

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After his divorce he was determined to remain a bachelor. He certainly dated and had relationships, but marriage was out of the question.

Then he met Amelia Gatte at a garden party in 2007. The two fell in love and started a relationship. But when they did become serious, he also informed her of his plans to remain unmarried and childless. Not even moving in with his girlfriend seemed an option.

But sooner than he himself would have expected it, he was forced to realise that he couldn’t imagine life without her and indeed wanted to marry her.

The reason he changed his mind was the fact that Amelia nearly lost her life. A few days after a miscarriage she collapsed and doctors discovered that she had carried twins, one of which had remained undiscovered and gone ectopic, then ruptured.

Amelia nearly died, but after some major surgery, she recovered successfully. Faced with the prospect of nearly losing her, Matthew discovered that he didn’t want that at all and three months after the nearly fatal incident she moved in with him.

In 2011 the couple got married in the Caribbean.

Amelia can now only conceive via IVF, but Matthew said they would try that. Thus far that has not been successful, though we don’t know how long or even if they have tried. Obviously that’s intensely private and Amelia is still only in her mid-thirties, young enough not to have to worry too much.

Matthew calls Amelia is soulmate and there’s no doubt that she was worth waiting for and breaking his own promise to himself.


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