Will Matt LeBlanc find love again after a failed marriage and the end of an 8-year relationship?

Matt LeBlanc has not often been a single man in his life, but after the end of his marriage and the long-term relationship that came after, he’s not been dating for a while.

Divorce finalized in 2006

Matt LeBlanc met his first wife Melissa in 1997. The two fell head over heels in love and in 1998 Matt proposed to her. Oddly, it took them five more years to actually walk down the aisle.

Matt LeBlanc with first wife Melissa McKnight


Of course, Matt might simply have been too busy on his hit show Friends to squeeze a wedding in there. Some even questioned his fidelity. Considering that he had had plenty of opportunity to meet other women, this question is not exactly unwarranted. There have been plenty of rumours about girls he’d been hanging out with as well. Matt’s own father (himself married at least nine times) claimed that Matt had had an affair with Jennifer Anniston. Both vehemently denied that, of course, and Matt doesn’t even talk to his father anymore because of these apparently false claims.

Be that as it may, Matt and Melissa married in 2003 and in 2004 their baby daughter was born. Once again Matt fell in love at first sight. But things were not all well. The little girl, Marina, was diagnosed with neurological issues before she was even a year old. She was suffering from seizures. The seizures impeded the girl’s development and she wasn’t able to walk or talk like other children her age. By the time the girl turned two, however, she seemed to have outgrown her problems and was back on track growing up as a healthy little girl.

Matt LeBlanc with co-star Jennifer Aniston

The illness took its toll on Matt and Melissa, however, and he admitted years later that it became a dark period in his life. This was only exacerbated when he and Melissa separated early in 2006. He had fallen for his co-star on the spin-off series Joey and very quickly moved in with Andrea Anders. Melissa was blindsided by Matt’s actions, especially when he filed for divorce soon after. She had still hoped for reconciliation.

But that didn’t happen and Matt was reportedly not even willing to talk. He had already moved on. Still, after the failure of Joey he retreated from public life, barely leaving the house for prolonged periods.

He did manage to dissolve his marriage to Melissa amicably, however. Due to a pre-nup Melissa would get very little from him, but Matt agreed to $15,000 in monthly child support. Since he utterly adores his daughter, he probably never considered that money a hardship. Matt and Melissa share equal legal and physical custody.

Andrea Anders-Matt LeBlanc's longtime girlfriend

Eventually Matt returned to work successfully with the British TV show Episodes. He and Andrea were happy for the longest time as well, but apparently Matt never proposed to her. Perhaps he didn’t want to take the plunge again. It hadn’t worked out the first time and considering that his engagement to Melissa had been longer than the actual marriage, one has to wonder why they married anyway.

Early last year then it was confirmed that Matt and Andrea had called it quits.

Rumours of his infidelity had made the rounds prior to the split, though Matt denied that anything untoward had happened. Neither he nor Andrea gave a reason for the split. We only learned that they had decided to end their relationship a while ago and that was the end of that.

Whilst one could consider Matt a ladies’ man, he’s not known for notoriously dating a string of women. Even after his split he has hardly been linked to anyone.

Rumours that he may be dating an assistant producer on Top Gear only emerged in June this year. The woman is reportedly 17 year younger than Matt and he is said to be besotted with her, but that’s about it. We haven’t heard anything about that presumed relationship since. Either the two are keeping it low key or there’s simply not much more to the rumour.

The main woman in Matt’s life is definitely his daughter Marina. He adores her and spends as much time with her as he can. His daughter may even be the reason that he’s not dating a string of women. It may well be possible that he would only introduce someone to her, if he’s actually serious about the woman in question.

At 48 Matt is young enough to find love again and perhaps he will even settle down and get married for a second time.

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Matt LeBlanc and Andrea Anders look stunnning

Matt LeBlanc and Andrea Anders at an Awards

Andrea Anders and Matt LeBlanc snapped at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrivals

Andrea Anders and Matt LeBlanc snapped at an Awards

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