After 17 years together Martin Lawrence divorces wife Shamicka Gibbs of two years

They married after a 15-year relationship, but the marriage failed after only two years. Would Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs have been better off not marrying?

They met in 1997, had two daughters and were married in 2010. Yet less than two years after the wedding, Martin Lawrence decided to file for divorce and it is anyone’s guess as to why.

Shamicka Gibbs & Martin Lawrence look tensed


Apparently it was a mutual decision and the couple issued a joint statement saying that they would continue to remain friends and be parents to their two daughters out of love and respect for one another. Sounds fairly standard, and so was the officially cited reason of “irreconcilable differences”. But it’s virtually impossible to get a deeper look into what happened.

What do we know?

Martin Lawrence has quite a history of erratic behaviour. He has been arrested several times, has a history of physical assaults, and alcohol abuse.

That is not something anyone would live with easily. But Shanicka was with him for 15 years and said “yes” when they were married in 2010. Perhaps she knew him better than what we know from gossip magazines; perhaps she simply loved him more than anything else. And most of Martin’s known legal problems date back to the 1990s.

Shamicka Gibbs Martin Lawrence-a happy family

It must be noted that his first daughter with Shanicka arrived in November 2000 and the second one two years later. Becoming a father again may have helped him to stay clear of troubles. Obviously that was not the case with his first daughter from his previous marriage to former Miss Virginia USA Patricia Southall. Those two were only married from 1995 to 1997.

Of course, gossip will have it that Shanicka wasn’t happy with how Martin had been letting himself go, gained weight and continued to struggle with alcohol, which are all said to have contributed to the split. However, neither of them has addressed this particular issue and Shanicka herself only said that they had simply grown apart.

Maybe getting married was an attempt to fix a relationship that was already ailing. People don’t usually grow apart in only two years after having been together for 15 years already.

The split seems to have been amicable and the divorce proceeded rather quietly. It would appear the divorce was finalized as early as the second half 2012, as of 2013 Shamicka is called a divorcee as she joined the cast of Hollywood Exes second season. A precise date or the details of the settlement are not known.

Neither Martin nor Shamicka seem to be dating anyone at this time. Martin has been working on a TV show called Partners and should be busy gearing up for Bad Boys 3. Shamicka on the other hand is still part of Hollywood Exes and seems to be enjoying her new life as a single mom.


Shamicka Gibbs & Martin Lawrence wedding

Shamicka Gibbs & Martin Lawrence walk hand in hand

Shamicka Gibbs & Martin Lawrence at an event