Mark Steines and Leanza Cornett seem to have gone through an extraordinarily long divorce process

Mark Steines and wife Leanza Cornett announced their divorce after 17 years of marriage in January 2013. Three years later we still don’t know if the couple is actually divorced.

Mark and Leanza were married in July 1995. And Mark began his other long-term relationship to Entertainment Tonight only a month after that.

Leanza Cornett & Mark Steines at an event

The couple had their sons in 2002 and 2003, one right after the other. The family looked always happy in pictures, but the couple has always been pretty private about their marriage.

Mark is not a fan of his celebrity status. As a E.T. correspondent and later host he met just about everyone on Hollywood’s A-list and probably the B-, C- and D-lists as well. After he moved to his current gig on the Hallmark channel, Home & Family, he confessed that he doesn’t really find celebrities all that interesting and has often been embarrassed to ask them about their age, weight, beauty regimen and what designers they were wearing.

Mark seems to be very much a family man, he is most definitely a dedicated father and he considers his new career a much better fit to his own personality.

During his time on Entertainment Tonight he travelled a lot, accruing a reported 3 million air miles. But when he left the job in July 2012, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Leanza Cornett & Mark Steines look so made for each other

One cannot help but wonder at the fact that he and his wife announced their divorce only six month after his career change. Are the two, perhaps, connected somehow?


It wouldn’t be entirely surprising. All of a sudden Mark had a steady job at home with totally different working hours than before and he loved what he was doing on top of that. That’s obviously great for him, but perhaps it changed the dynamic in his marriage. Can it really be a coincidence that his marriage and his E.T. career lasted almost the exact number of years?

Some marriages work better when the spouses don’t see each other every day.

Leanza Cornett & Mark Steines look great together

We can only guess, because Mark generally avoids the subject of his divorce. When the couple announced that they were separating to divorce, they requested privacy and confirmed their commitment to their sons more than anything else.

Both wanted to ensure that their boys would be okay during this transition, because it would be most difficult for them. And Mark has certainly been a dedicated father, making sure to spend as much quality time with his sons as possible.

It doesn’t seem, however, as if the divorce is actually finalized yet. Nowhere are Mark and Leanza listed as divorced. Whilst they are considered ex-wife and ex-husband, we have no idea if and when the divorce was finalized.

It seems clear that the two would have wanted joint legal and physical custody for their boys, but perhaps there has been a hold-up with other financial negotiations. Last year Mark listed the former family home for sale, which may also have something to do with the divorce and the separation of assets.

Neither Mark nor Leanza are known to be dating anyone new and both prefer to spend as much time as possible with their sons, who seem to be doing quite okay in all this.


Leanza Cornett & Mark Steines snapped at an event

Leanza Cornett & Mark Steines say cheese