Mark-Paul Gosslar and ex-wife Lisa Ann Russell both remarry in record time after their divorce

Mark-Paul Gosslar and Lisa Ann Russell met on the set of Saved by the bell. They stayed together for almost 20 years. After their amicable divorce both remarried. Divorce finalized in 2011

Their marriage lasted 14 years and they had two children. For the most part Mark-Paul Gosslar and his ex-wife Lisa Ann Russell lived outside of Hollywood, keeping their lives private. Mark-Paul never really caught onto his success of Saved by the bell, but was steadily working.

Lisa Ann Russell and Mark Paul Gosselaar pose for a photoshoot

He was the one who filed for divorce in June 2010, requesting joint custody and spousal support for his wife. Lisa Ann responded in kind and it seemed the couple was on the same page. It took a while for them to sort out their custody agreement, but that too was sorted eventually and their divorce was finalized in May 2011.

Everything appeared to be entirely amicable and when Mark-Paul went on record, he did say that their children were their primary concern and that he believed that both parents should be allowed equal time with their children, unless one of them is a mess, which wasn’t the case here.

He also said he only had fond memories of his ex-wife and nothing bad to say about her, but admitted that two people that were unhappy in a relationship should call it quits, if it affects their children as well. Clearly he’s not a believer in keeping a dying relationship alive for the sake of children, who don’t understand what is happening. He said that ultimately children are happier when their parents are happy.

Catriona McGinn & Mark Paul Gosselaar wedding pic.

His words are the only indication we have of why he divorced his ex-wife. The couple simply wasn’t happy any more. It happens.

Given how quickly both of them moved on with new partners, it almost seems as if they couldn’t wait to part ways in the end. Whilst no third party had reportedly been involved in their divorce, Lisa Ann began dating Survivor host Jeff Probst months before her divorce was finalized and Mark-Paul announced his engagement to Catriona McGinn three months after the divorce was finalized.

Lisa Ann Russell married Jeff Probst in December 2011. And Mark-Paul Gosslar married his fiancée in July 2012. He and Catriona welcomed their second child, a daughter after first having a son, earlier this year.

Lisa Ann and Jeff also seem to be going strong, which is mostly indicated by no news to the contrary. Though they don’t appear to have had children together, which is likely due to the fact that Lisa Ann was 40 when they married. Whilst not too late to have more children, she may not have wanted any more.

Given how quickly both Mark-Paul and Lisa Ann moved on from each other, one would hope that they simply found love again and couldn’t wait to be with their new partners. The two of them had been separated for a while and evidently no longer been in love by the time they separated. According to Jeff Probst both children are very happy and simply have two sets of parents now with everyone apparently getting along.

And that’s all that matters.


Mark Paul Gosselaar with current wife Catriona McGinn

Catriona McGinn & Mark Paul Gosselaar with their kids

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Lisa Ann Russell and Mark Paul Gosselaar at a red carpet event

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Lisa Ann Russell and Mark Paul Gosselaar times together